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" Is it possible to ameliorate their condition in the country itselj or to promote emigration ?"
The meeting- was unanimously of opinion that this last measure is impracticable, and that as a general rule the people would refuse to avail themselves of its advantages. And this is the more to be regretted because there exists in the region of the Caucasus, not far from the borders of the Caspian Sea, in the neighbourhood of the town of Lim-krana, several villages inhabited by Russians who have been converted to Judaism and are known by the name of " Sc/ioiodni&s." The situation is excellent, the country fertile, and the climate resembles that of Persia. The language of that country is also spoken. Considerable advantages would be derived if with the consent of the Russian Government, our unhappy brethren could be prevailed upon to settle there for the purpose of applying themselves to Agriculture. Ihey would be received with open arms by their Russian co-religionists.
The Alliance might as a preliminary, obtain further imformation with reference to the subject from one Josef Halevy Tcharny, of Minsk, who gives out that he has been sent here by the Alliance and the Russian Government, but I must repeat that I have stood and still stand alone in my opinion that some families might be induced to expatriate themselves. All who were present at the meeting without exception maintain that the unhappy Jews of Persia will never lend themselves to such a scheme. It remains to be considered, whether it is possible to improve their condition at home, and the means to be employed for that purpose. The meeting again unanimously agreed, that the task is of the most arduous and that there is but one efficacious measure to be adopted, namely, the following : The Alliance should send to Teheran a person of position, entirely devoted to the cause, a man thoroughly disinterested, and willing to give up himself and his time to his mission, and above all, possessing great patience. It is important that he should mix with the political world of Teheran and keep up a certain appearance there, so as to be able to cultivate friendly relations with the high dignitaries of the State, both European and Persian. Accredited by the Alliance to the various Embassies, he must in time make himself known to all the Israelites of Persia, so that they may inform him of their sufferings and misfortunes which he may then in many cases if not wholly relieve at least greatly alleviate. In order to divest this mission of all appearance of a political character, and at the same time to secure the happiness of future generations, the delegate should open a school at Teheran where Hebrew and Persian shall be taught. French should only occupy a secondary place, and that only for the purpose of serving as a model to the two other languages. The
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