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ness and inactivity. When I see the green fields, the budding trees in the "Mikveh Israel," as I saw them in February; when I see the pleasure the young people take in their work, and the desire which they display to learn everything M. Netter teaches them ; when I think of the hope which the industrious Israelites place in this Colony, and of the interest it has awakened in Europe, I am seized with the greatest dread that this should all end in nothing.
Even the Turkish Government, as I can testify, puts great reliance on the success of the School, and were it to be deceived in this respect, its sympathy for its Jewish subjects would be turned into antipathy, and the goodwill it has so often manifested into ill-will.
Gentlemen, permit me to direct your attention especially to this matter. On you, who are the heads of an honourable Alliance, established in behalf of the Israelites, are directed the eyes of the Israelites of all parts of the world. If you will lend your vigorous support to the Agricultural School, others will not fail to follow your example.
I beg you to excuse the liberty I have taken in thus writing to you. The importance and holiness of the cause imposed this duty upon me.
I am, &c.,
(Signed) PROF. H. GRATZ.
To the President,
Anglo-Jewish Association.
)i, f
In the month of November of last year, M. Netter visited London, and at a special meeting of the Anglo-Jewish Association which was convened for the purpose of welcoming him, gave a very full and detailed account of the institution, of which he has been the life and soul, and to which he has devoted some of the best years of his career. His report, full of the interest which a self-sacrificing enthusiasm never fails to evoke, will be found reprinted in Appendix C of this pamphlet. The Council of the Anglo-Jewish Association fully sensible of the value of M. Netter's work, and recognizing in it an institution essential for the regeneration of our poor brethren in the East, determined to give it the utmost support in its power, and accordingly placed a sum of £\oo at the disposal of the central administration of the Alliance Israelite Universelle to further the objects of the Agricultural School at Jaffa; such sum to be applied on the same footing as the direct provision of the Alliance for those objects.
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