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examination, and as soon as they have proved their competency to teach, are sent to the existing or to new schools, either as superintendents or as assistant-teachers. The advantage of such a method, for the carrying out of which the Anglo-Jewish Association possesses no machinery, will no doubt be deemed sufficient justification for the course adopted.
The establishment of a school at Smyrna having thus been decided on, considerable obstacles had to be overcome before the project could be carried into effect. A school had some years ago been opened in Smyrna under the auspices of Mr. Sidi, a wealthy and benevolent Jewish resident in that place, but was after some time obliged to be closed from the want of funds, and the great opposition it encountered from various parties and sections of the population. The scheme of this Association was met by similar opposition, but eventually all difficulties were surmounted. There are about 3000 Jewish families in Smyrna: the estimated number of children who will attend the school is 200, at least half of whom will be paying, and half non-paying pupils.
The subjects to be taught are Hebrew, Spanish, French, modern Greek, and Turkish. The staff of teachers is to consist of Professors of Hebrew, Turkish, and French, and one Director. Each of these Professors is to have a salary of 3000 francs {£120) per annum. The Anglo-Jewish Association has determined to contribute the sum of £70 for one year, being half the salary of the Superintendent of the school. The remainder of the expenses (estimated to amount to 10,000 frcs. or ^400) is to be defrayed out of the payments of the pupils, which are estimated at 5000 frcs. {£200), the balance being supplied by the Alliance.
An excellent teacher has been found in the person of Mr. David Caz6s, formerly director of a school which the Alliance had established at Volo. A piece of ground has been obtained, the school-house is in course of completion, and it is anticipated that it will be opened and ready to receive pupils before this report is in the hands of the public. In conclusion it may be stated that the Anglo-Jewish Association is to have a voice in, and to be con-
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