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Should the Prince grant the petition which you have preferred in our favor it will be to you that we shall owe the amelioration in our position.
We beg you to receive the assurance of our profound gratitude, and to lend us for the future your aid until such time as we shall have ob-' tained our emancipation.
I am,
Yours most respectfully,
(Signed.) DAVID B. RUSSO,
II. Education in the East.
One of the principal means which the Alliance employs for the furtherance of its objects, is the establishment of schools in different parts of Europe and the East for the diffusion of secular education among our Jewish brethren. The Alliance adopted this measure, being firmly impressed that there is no way in which the unfortunate condition of our brethren can be improved or permanent good effected so readily as by the diffusion of an education, which will enable them to extend the number of occupations followed by them, and by fitting them for better employments than those in which they can now engage, eradicate the pauperism so general among them at this moment.
Without entering in detail into the work already done by the Alliance in this respect, it may be stated generally that it has established schools in nine different places, and contemplates the foundation of others. The schools so established combine religious with secular teaching, and are partially supported by the Jews of the locality. They are visited from time to time by the civil authorities and the European Consuls, and thus a constant supervision is maintained over them. The advantage, and indeed, the necessity of such establishments will be recognized at once when it is borne in mind, that with the exception of these, there are few schools available for Jewish children where anything besides Hebrew is taught; and in some of these the instruction given does not extend beyond mere reading without translation.
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