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We can only deplore this sad retrogression as a grave political error, tending to retard the development of your people.
May the glory of rendering justice to our brethren-in-faith residing in the dominions of your Highness, with whom we feel ourselves at one, be reserved for your reign, and the oppressive laws of 1861 and subsequent years be effaced through the clemency of your Highness' instrumentality.
Thus would your Highness earn the gratitude of the millions of co-religionists of the sufferers throughout the globe, and the blessings of those, who, by your Highness' gracious agency may be restored to their former happy condition.
We have the honor to be,
Your Highness'' most obedient servants, (Signed.) Francis H. Goldsmid, Vice Prest. John Simon ,,
R. D. Sassoon,
A. Benisch, ,,
E. A. Franklin, Treasurer.
Leopold Schloss,
Herbert G. Lousada,
Solicitor & Secretary.
M. Russo, President of the Hebrew Congregation at Belgrade, kindly undertook to present our Address to the Prince, and the following' is a translation of a letter received from him, in which he informs the Council of the reception it met with:
Belgrade, Feb. 7th, 1873.
Mr. President, Illustrious Co-religionists,
It is a great consolation for us in our present sad position, to find such noble co-religionists as you, occupying yourselves with us and interceding for us with such unparalleled devotion, and with utterances which proceed from the heart, and go direct to. the heart. We thank you most sincerely for your love of your people, and for all your benevolent action on our behalf. May the Lord God of Israel bestow His blessing upon you and your noble families, may He reward you, and heap upon you every possible happiness. Bowed under the yoke of oppression, we are happy to find distinguished brothers who loudly proclaim their unity and demand our emancipation.
I have placed the Address containing these noble sentiments in the hands of our sovereign, Prince Milan IV, and he has been graciously pleased to vouchsafe me a hearing, and to promise that the restrictive laws of which we complain shall be abrogated,

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