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to obtain as successor, Baron Henry De Worms, a gentleman in every way qualified to fill the place of Professor Waley. The Council deems this however a fitting opportunity to record the expression of its high appreciation of and sincere gratitude for the services which Mr. Waley rendered the Association. His name will always be identified in the history of the society with its foundation; and the Council cannot sufficiently mark its sense of the pre-eminent zeal and ability with which he conducted its affairs during the critical period when the Institution was in process of formation and before it had established its raison d'etre.
Taught by the experience of another year, the Council has introduced still further amendments into the Constitution, as will be perceived from the laws which are reprinted in Appendix A.
Mention was made in the last report that it had been thought desirable to make several changes in the working and machinery of the Institution, and that the Committee of Correspondence originally entrusted to carry out the work of the Association had been replaced by an Executive Committee, consisting of ten members which in conjunction with the Secretary was empowered to carry on all routine business. This body having now been in existence a year, and ample opportunity having been afforded of testing its working powers, the Council desires to record that it is to the patience and assiduity of this Committee, that it is mainly indebted for the efficiency with which the Association has worked during the past year.
It may not be out of place here to express the Council's grateful thanks to Dr. Benisch and the Rev. A. Lowy for their assiduous and eminent services, involving considerable time, and much patient and scholarly labor. The Association is greatly indebted to them for its present position and owes the success of its working to their untiring zeal and learning, sound judgment, and intimate knowledge of the history of our nation both in this country and abroad, which have proved of invaluable service in the numerous and delicate matters which have come under consideration.
The Council has also been greatly assisted by the Committee of
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