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CIk Ropal mail
1839. ::
Steam Packet companp.
FORTNIGHTLY SAILINGS to West Indies, Central America,
North and South Pacific Ports,
Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and the River Plate.
Return Tickets at Reduced Rates.
Abatements in favour of Families.
Special Facilities offered to Passengers taking vovages for Health or Pleasure.
TOURS to West Indies from £40 ; to Brazil, £42 ; and Spain and Portugal from dp 15s. During December, January, and February Special Tours to the West Indies are arranged for 65 days for £65.
Passengers booked to and from NEW YORK and BRAZIL and RIVER PLATE at Reduced Through Rates in connection with the American Line Steamers at Southampton.
Company's Mail Steamers of 5,000 and 6,000 Tons are fitted with ELECTRIC make life on Board agreeable.
#)r to Ma Company's
LONDON—18, Moorgate Street, EC., and 29, Cockspur Street, S.W.; SOUTHAMPTON-Canute Road; MANCHESTER-5, Albert Square ; LIVER-POOLS, Fenwick Street; or PARIS—Messrs. G. Dunlop & Co., 38, Avenue de I Opera ; and the Company's Agencies-
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