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, Continuing the walk outside the Sun Hotel, the bow window of which is built on the basement of the ancient Watch Tower, after tracing the wall through the different stores that succeed, the eye will be soon attracted Dy the venerable grey towers of
The tower, built in the 13th century, containing the gate-way, and now covered by a tiled roof, forms the south-east angle of the wall. The gate-way is an obtuse pointed arch, and within it appear ribs and arches differing from it in height and forih. This gate opened on a small square quay or platform, the only one beside Water Gate Quay on the south side before 1810. Fronting this was the east ditch, which here joined the tide.*- The
UU.UW.COOC&, jjy vv liuniy vtjsieu wim ivy, ib less ancient than the gate-tower, probably by 100 years, in advance of which it was built directly over the fosse. It appears to have h'een added to defend the sluices, the water entering the ditches by an arch under its foot; and advantage was t&kei in 1795 t'6 conduct a canal through the same opening (described in p. 17).
• The whole of these towers, with some modern additions, had been used for many years as a gaol for debtors and felons ; but a new gaol having been built, in another part of the town, this is at present used for storage purposes.
From this point the few remains of the eastern walls may be examined, by returning through the South Gate, and going up the Back-of-the-Walls,—a title given to a lane immediately within their enclosure on this side ; and a view of one or,two fragments, part of a round tower, &c., is obtained from Canal-terrace, a footpath constructed on-yhat was once the margin of the fosse.
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