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which subsequently joined the rest of the army in Egypt, encamped on Netley Common ; and it is scarcely necessary to add that Southampton w&s zealous in volunteering against the anticipated !French invasion.
Having thus hastily pointed out the small shard ' Southampton has had in the sanguinary contests of the last century, we shall now have only to indicate the rapid steps by which it has been raised from its fallen commercial position, to its present high and advancing rank amongst the maritime towns of Great Britian.
In 1747 an act of Parliament was obtained for main, taining and improving the Water Works; another in ,1770 for improving the Streets; one in 1773 for regulating the Poor; in 1776 the parishes were Incorpo-rated and the old Workhouse built; and about twelve years afterwards was erected the main portions of Thorner's Alms Houses.
With the close of the 18th century the inhabitants manifested great activity in improving the roads, and facilitating the access of visitors and goods to the town. The first of these efforts was, however, a most unfortunate failure. It was the attempt to establish canal communication between this town and Salisbury, in 1795, when enormous sums were expended in constructing a tunnel under the town, nearly in the line of the present railway tunnel, and in other unnecessary works, which rendered the company insolvent, and the deserted worts a nuisance. No one being found to acknowledge the proprietorship of the site on account of the liabilities of the company, various individuals seized on the portion which occupied the east ditch of the town, destroyed the delightful green walks and groves, which stood below the grey walls and towers on that side, and covered the place with unsightly structures, yards and stores. In the same year, 1795, the church of All Saints was rebuilt and consecrated. It now forms a haudsomo structure.
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