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In launching a NEW GUIDE to SOUTHAMPTON on the waters of public opinion, the publishers deem, that although an apology may be unnecessary, a few remarks, according to time-honoured custom, are generally expected and absolutely required.
This little Work has been prepared with great care, so as to secure perfect accuracy, and render it thoroughly serviceable to STRANGERS and PLEASURE VISITORS as a POCKET GUIDE. For this purpose it is arranged to enable any one, immediately on arrival at Southampton, to follow the routes exactly in the order and way in which they are laid down— whether the visitor has but a few hours to spare, or can devote a considerable time to the examination of the town and surrounding country.
It is therefore hoped and believed this little unpretending Work may prove an interesting, useful, and—without egotiam he it spoken—somewhat instructive companion, to the Resident as well as to the Visitor.
Its purpose is simply to point out and draw attention to every object of interest in the town, as well as the surrounding localities, in as easy, agreeable and pleasant a manner, as the subject in hand will admit of, to introduce historical facts, and to glance at the legendary lore and current anecdotes of each locale.
accompanying the One Shilling edition, will be found unrivalled as a travelling map, for accuracy, clearness, and completeness.
Southampton, 1885,
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