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(Graines de Sante),
Are sold by the Andr£'s Seeds Company, Southampton, in Metallic Boxes, that may be carried in the pocket and so be always at hand, and which preserve their virtues for any length of time.
Price 1/14 and 2/9 (the 2/9 equal three small ones), and in family boxes at 4/6 and 11/- They are sent free by post by Chipperfield & Bates, 50, Oxford St., Southampton, on receipt of their value in Post Stamps.
The following are a few specimens, taken at random, of numbers of Testimonials which the Proprietors are constantly receiving:—
Bloomsbuey Steeet, London.
Gentlemen,—Having been strongly advised by a friend, who had himself experienced the efficacy of Anders Seeds of Health, to make a trial of them, I feel it my duty to communicate to you the fact, that for years I had been a most severe sufferer from Indigestion and a confined state of the bowels, and having taken medicine of almost all kinds in vain. I was reluctantly induced by his representations to get a box, and the effect they have had on me is as surprising as beneficial. I shall be obliged by your sending me another box by return of post, as I shall not like in future to be without them ; and I shall have great pleasure in recommending a remedy which really appears to be of wonderful efficacy.
I am, Gentlemen, yours, &c.,
Catheeine Plain, Noewich.
Gentlemen,—Please send me two boxes of your valuable Seeds of Health. I have been recommending them to two families, and they beg me to apply for them. They have done much good to a friend of mine, who has been afflicted for years, and is upwards of eighty years old. I expect you will soon have more London orders, as I have just heard from friends to whom I recommended them, and they speak very highly of them. They cannot be too widely known.
I am, Gentlemen, yours, 6c., H. BOUTTELL.
Ebdington, Birmingham.
Gentlemen,—Please send a box of Seeds of Health to Mr. J. Doggett, Erdington, they are for an elderly lady who has taken nearly one lot. She says " get me some more; they do me so much good. I have had very serious attacks of jaundice, have taken medicines prescribed by physicians, have been attended by an excellent medical man, taken many boxes of patent Pills, the action of which caused me to say, ' Oh, that I could get relief from these spasmodic pains without this continued action ! ' and just then I saw the advertisement of Andre's Seeds of Health and sent for a box. I never before met with such quiet efficacious medicine. I am an old woman, do not expect to live always, but it is nice to have such helps." Tours to serve,
Gentlemen,—We are again nearly through the Seeds of Health, please send three dozen to Mr. Allen, la Belle Sauvage Yard, to enclose. We can give the names of respectable people who consider the Seeds have done what the local Burgeons failed in doing. One lady had been under the treatment of more than one medical gentleman for months, but who now uses your Seeds, and says that she is better than she has been for years. We are, respectfully yours
Elvetham Pare.
Sirs,—i shall be much obliged by your sending me another box of the Seeds of Health. I have derived much benefit from them, and shall always use and recommend them in future. I am, Sias, yours faithfully,
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