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CHURCHES, CHAPELS AND CLERGYMEN. {The numbers refer to the Page where described).
All Saints, High-st. (41). Rector, Rev. S. Obbard, M.A.
Holy Rhood, High-street (40). Vicar, Rev. J Aston Whitlock, M.A.
St. Lawrence with St. John, High-street (40). Rector, Rev. H. H. Pereira, M.A.
St. Michael's, St. Michael's-square (34). Rector, Rev. E. M. Gregory, M.A.
St. Mary's, St. Mary's-street (51). Rector, Rev. Canon Wilberforce, M.A.
St, James's, Bridge-road (26). Rector, Rev. A. E. Forbes, M.A.
St, Peter's, Commercial-road (57). Rector, Rey. C. E. Steward, M.A.
Holy Trinity, North-front (55). Vicar, Rev. H. H. : Letehford, M.A.
St. Luke's, Newtown (53). Vicar, Rev. W.W. Perrin, M.A.
St. Paul's Laura-place (47). Vicar, Rev. G. C. White, M.A.
St. Matthew's, St, Mary's-road. Vicar, Rev. R. Hughes, M.A.
St. Julien's (French Episcopal Church), "Winkle-street (37). Minister, Rev. A. A. Dupont.
St. Augustine, Northam (56). Vicar, Rev. H. M. C. Price, M.A.
Christ Church, Highfield. Incumbent, Rev. Edear Silver, M.A.
St. Denys. Incumbent, Rev. T. P. Mooney, M.A.
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