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South-Western, Adjoining the
Terminus Dolphin, High-st., Matcham Radley's, opposite Terminus Star, High-street—Swyer Royal, Above Bar Crown, High-street—Stratton Pier Hotel, Quay—Cole Castle, Quay
Clarendon, Bernard-street Canute Castle, Canute-road Flowe r's (Temperanoe), Queen's terrace
Bargate Hotel, High-street White Hart, Above Bar George, Above Bar Kelway's, Queen's-terrace Goodridge's, Queen's-terrace
Bascombe Royal George, High-street—
Quilter Jackman's, Cliff, Itchen Bedford Arms, Bedford-place Drummond Arms, Hythe
Besides these, there are a large number of small hotels and coffee houses, especially in the neighbourhood of the Docks and Terminus, in fact, Terminus Terrace consists almost entirely of small hotels.
BAKES.—Atherley, Hankinson, and Darwin (Southampton Town and County), 172, High-street; Capital and Counties, 21, High-street (Joint Stock), Manager, G. Dominy, Esq ; National Provincial (Joint Stock), Southampton Branch, 129, High-street, Manager—J. G. Robinson, Esq.; Wilts and Dorset Bank, 36, High-street, Manager—D. Hogarth, Esq.; Savings' Bank, West Marlands, Actuary—C. Macqueen, Esq.; Penny Bank, Guildhall,
MARKETS—for Cattle near the Railway Station. Market days every Friday, and every other Tuesday, for Corn, every Friday, in the .Com Exchange, Quay.
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