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live in quarters in the hospital, and as there are often SO or 60 of them at once, they give great life and animation to the place. They have gratified the neighbourhood on several occasions with admirable amateur theatricals, and the Netley Balls are by no means the least attraction in this social neighbourhood.
Attached to the Army Medical School are Libraries and Museums (which belong to the Medical Staff,) and ■which should be seen. In one of the upper corridors is a ghastly array of skulls of all nations: for those who are not accustomed to such displays, it is not very agreeable, but people come from far and wide to see it; from Germany, France, America, for it is one of the best collections of Asiatic and African skulls in the world. Near this collection, also, is an interesting TVTnKpnm of Military Surgery, in which are contained most of the implements by which man ingeniously shortens his neighbour's life, and the appliances by which he seeks to preserve his own.
The Natural History Museum is now placed in the entrance hall of the main block.
Behind the Hospital is the Lunatic Asylum. In digging the foundations of this building, a British earthernware crock was found, containing 1,700 Roman copper coins, chiefly of the first and second centuries.
At some little distance are the married soldier's cottages, the gas-works, laundry, &c. The whole extent of the Government property is about 250 acres. The soil is sand and gravel upon clay; the situation is very healthy, and on a fine day the impression made upon the visitor will be that, when he is sick, he might have a much worse place to go to than the lioyal Victoria Hospital.
Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, is a frequent visitor at the Hospital, when residing at her Isle of Wight residence of Osborne.
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