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of the Docks, with the lofty sheers, and the pumping engine towe», appear below the spectator, backed by the extensive buildings, towers, and spires of the town, with mansions, woodlands, and hills in the grey receding distances, are viewed.
The path itself presently gains the beach, and the rich grounds and woods of Weston Gkove rise boldly on the left. For a mile and a-half there is afforded one of the most beneficial walks for invalids that can be imagined—sheltered from the cold winds, with a southwest aspect, and a dry hard road, having the green sward on one side, and a wide bank of shingle on the other, washed by the full setting in of the tides, at both ebb and flow; so that here the air is alike balmy and refreshing, but the finest marine atmosphere, but without the exposure to such stormy weather as generally accompanies it.
WiSSTOlT is a most charming spot, buried in the woods which envelop the hill side, and is gained by a road crossing the green to the left. Leaving a picturesque farm on the right, the way is over-arched by a variety of lofty bold forest trees, amongst which some noble yews attract the attention, and a vista is closed in by an effective viaduct in Tudor architecture, carrying a road which takes the circuit of the Cham-berlayne estate, the cottages of the hamlet just peeping through the opening of the arch. They are picturesque, have neat gardens with tall yew, walnut, and sycamore trees, and are enclosed by dense plantation. At the summit of the hill the private road is carried over the public one by another viaduct, chastely designed in Grecian Doric, and near it is an elegant Obelisk, whilst the surrounding banks, grounds and prospects add new beauties to the scene. Beyond this the road turns to the left to Itchen and Woolston, and to the right to Netlev, &c.
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