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Is seen here to the greatest advantage—either looking down the winding tideway to Northam and Southampton, with wooded heights and rich fields on both sides—or. wandering by the canal and river, with the gushing murmur of numerous streams, salmon leaps, the milldam, canal locks, and weirs.
Is another pleasant rural spot a little beyond, and entered by the direct road, but some of the turnings to the left (which will need enquiries to distinguish them) conduct to ..
Whose pleasant rural scenery, with the Mansion and magnificent Pabk, which is enriched by many noble trees, adorned by neat lodges, and a pretty entrance called the Belvidere, will call for a special visit, marred indeed by the removal of fine herds of deer. Just before reaching the lodges is the well-preserved monu-menfc to the Lord Chief Justice Fleming, and the elegant marble one to Admiral Lord Hawke, will deeply interest the visitor.
_ Following the main road from Swathling, little more than half-a-mile further, we reach Mansbridge, where the footways from Woodmill rejoin the highway. Near this are the works for supplying Southampton with water, and at a small distance is a convenient hotel— the Fleming Arms. Close to this hotel a new railway station has been opened called «' Swathling," by which tne visitor may reach this spot or return to the town. •Here again the deep, rapid, and clear waters of the oneii appear in all their beauty, and the road winds on their south bank for about half-a-mile towards the village of West End.
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