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Is soon entered, in a most agreeable situation, with copious streams of fresh water, and surrounded by-rich meadows, corn fields, and luxuriant woods. Here was a nunnery, of which little remains, but the ABBEY CHURCH is almost entire. It is one of the finest examples of Anglo-Norman architecture in the kingdom, and should form the chief object of one day's excursion. A new Corn Exchange has been recently-erected; and also a bronze monument to the memory of the late Lord Palmerston.
Komsev is about 7& miles from Southampton, and offers a fine drive of about 17 miles by returning through Eanvillas Gate, Totton, and Redbridge on the west of the Test ; or by Chilworth, HILL-LANE,
Is the first turning from Eour-posts, and after passing the gardens and villas of Hill, skirts the outside of the Southampton Common, whose enclosure is _ the boundary of the Borough in this direction. On either hand streets and foot-paths conduct to Shirley westward, and through the populous new suburbs of Fitzhugh and Bannistei s, or through the Common, into the "Winchester road eastward. Passing the Cemetery walls, and rounding the north-west corner of the Common, it sweeps along the north side of it, crosses the "Winchester road, and then decends under the name of Burgess-street, into Portswood village. ^ Returning by this way into Southampton gives a delightful rural drive of about seven miles ; or it may be extended by crossing the Itchen at "Woodmill to Bitterne, and returning over Northam Bridge.
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