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who died in 1613, is worth inspection. The neighbouring scenery is delightfully rural, but the chief object of attraction here is
Once a hunting-box of Queen Elizabeth, who kept her court here a short time ; it was afterwards a mansion of .the Mill family. The, character of the house is very striking and even romantic, with its square battlemcnted towers and octagonal turrets, its gables and chimneys, standing as it does at the head of a long double avenue of noble lime trees. Many of the ancient ceilings are of beautiful and varied patterns, and some carving still remains; whilst the gardens boast the ornaments of some magnificant cedars of Lebanon. The roads to the right give delightful drives about Rownhams village, and the interiorly elegant little chureh recently erected there, and Lord's Wood—while the wooded heights of Chilworth form a fine background to many views.
Pursuing the main road, near the Hobns Tateen", on rising ground to the right, is Toothill, considered by some as the site of a Danish Camp, but by others as that of a Roman road. Though the remains are not distinct, yet the prospect from the eminence is commanding and will repay ascent.
The country now increases rapidly in beauty, being richly cultivated and clothed in woods. On the right is RO"WNBAMS, a comfortable mansion; a little further is UPTON; and, though more distant, LEE HOUSE forms a pretty object in many catches of prospect. ^After crossing the Andover Railway, about a mile from Romsey, we leave BRO ADLAN Dq, the magnificent seat of the late Lord Palmerston, to the left, surrounded by noble timber and fertile land, and which is now occupied by Lord Mount-Temple.
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