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These are spacious and elegant, consisting of very largo Ball and Card Rooms, and having a beautiful prospect over the river Test and the New Forest. The ground floor opens on the Promenade and Lawn Tennis Grounds, which are delightfully situated, overhung with, lofty trees and directly overlooking the water.
Is near the south-west corner of the buildings, and furnishes one of the finest chalybeate waters in the kingdom, being considerably stronger than those of Tunbridge "Wells. It was formerly patronised by the Duke and Duchess of York, and was exported in considerable quantities to the East and West Indies, but is now but little used.
Should the visitor prefer, he could take the side entrance to the Spa at the foot of Bargate-street (see p. 32), or return by it, and take the new Western Shore-road to reach Blechynden.
On returning from the Victoria Rooms, and taking the right turn from the foot of Portland-street, the road passes the Portland Baptist Chapel, a neat building, erected for the use of the second congregation of Particular Baptists. Turning to the left is Manchester-street, the high road descends to the water side, with the Public Baths immediately in front; they were formed in 1854. Following the beach northward the West Shore Road is again entered on. This was formerly overhung by elms, and behind these, at the head of a steep verdant slope, stood a pretty thatched house called Kingsfield. At the end of the meadow, shadowed by bending trees and rank herbage, was a pool of water called King John's Pond, tradition assuring us that the horses of the unworthy Lackland were here daily led down to water during his
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