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clone away in Christ, whereas it was the ceremonial law only, which foreshadowed His coming, and which received its fulfilment in Him, that was done away, the moral law, as contained in the Ten Commandments, being confirmed by His own declaration, "Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets. I am not come to destroy-but to fulfil." '
I must, however, draw this letter to a close ; but before doing so I would seriously call the attention of those who seek to elevate the work-in ST classes, bv exhibition fl.nrl P"x-rvm»flinn froina fn +1.«4- '
.---^ muoc nnu acca. uu uiuvulw tne wopk-
mg classes, by exhibition and excursion trains, to the fact that there is a "God that judgeth in the earth," and that "He will by no means clear the guilty," and He demands of the creatures of His hand obedience to His holy law ; and will He bless such unhallowed means as the robbing of Himself of that portion of time which He has set apart for His own worship and service ? I believe He will not; and because that is my conviction I implore those who really desire the present and future well-being of the great mass of the community to do what they can to promote the due observance of the Lord's Day, by setting it apart for divine and holy uses. I believe those who are thus engaged have the blessing of God, which maketh rich and addeth no sorrow with it.
I am, Sir, your obedient Servant,
August 18th, 1853.
Within the last half century there has been no period of our history fraught with such momentous events as are now taking place, and certainly none in which the hand of a merciful God could be more manifestly traced in His dealings with us than at present. When our chief source of supply of corn is likely to fail us from the deficiency of the crops in America, and at the time we are at war with Russia, whence we usually receive immense importations, we have been blessed with one of the most abundant crops we have had for many years, and which has been harvested in the best possible condition. This gracious bestowment induced our rulers to recognise the source of such a bountiful provision for our wants, by calling upon the nation to acknowledge their thankfulness to Almighty God, on Sunday, the 1st day of October, and they issued a form of prayer to be used in all churches and chapels, which beautifully sets forth our dangers, and our merciful preservation from them.
What think you then, Mr. Editor, of the Directors of the South Western Railway Company, who choose this day, set apart for worship by God himself, and specially named by the rulers of the land as a day on which a public recognition of His merciful kindness should be observed—what think you, I say, of such a daring act of impiety as chopsmg such a day to begin the running of excursion trains to the metropolis, and this in the face of the most urgent appeals to them to desist altogether from profaning the Lord's day in this way. Surely there are some Christian men amongst the proprietary who will be found raising their voices at the next general meeting against such an awful violation of the Christian Sabbath, and that at least they will resolve not to be partakers of any part of the unholy gains of such a course, it is .in vam for such persons to endeavour to excuse themselves with the simple expression of regret at such an abomination. The Directors
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