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Floating Bridge Bridge Road Docks ~
Platform Sigh Street Bast Street Strand
Hanover Bnildings
Above Bar Prospect Place Laura Place London Road Bellevne Road St. Mary's Road St. Mary Street Terminus Terrace
Oxford Street Bernard Street Bridge Street High Street Platform
Docks to Floating Bridge
Time Procession will pass the following points on line of route, leaving Floating Bridge at 2 o'clock, and proceeding up.
About 2.10 o'clock Platform About 3.10 o'clock St. Mary's Road
n 3.20 „ St. Mary Street „ 3.30 „ Terminus Terrace „ 3.35 „ Bernard Street „ 3.45 High Street
4. 0 ,, Platform
2.20 2.25 2.35 2.45 3. 0
High Street Bast Street Hanover Buildings Above Bar Fountain
Captain Parkes will take charge of No. 1 Collecting Van.
Maj. Macqueen will take charge of No. 2 Collecting Van.
Mr. C. W. A. Jelliooe will take charge of No. 3 Collecting Van.
All Collectors are desired io meet at 1.15 p.m. at Mr. HOGGE'S Office, 32, Queen's Terrace, to receive their Anal instructions.
When Collecting Boxes are fairly filled they should be taken to and emptied by the Member of the Committee in charge of Collecting Van and signed for.
The Collecting Vans will return to National Provincial Bank, and the Collectors at the final determination of the Procession will hand their boxes in at same place..
Lifeboat Crew.
COXSWAIN.—JAMES BUCEETT. Been Coxswain for 19 years, from the time of instituting Lifeboats in the Island in 1860. Been afloat 13 times to save life. Received, the vote on vellum and silver medal from the Institution for distinguished service and a pension.
SECOND COXSWAIN.—JOHN HATTER, from Brook, retired coxswain after 83 years service. He is the proud possessor of the medal and 4 good service clasps, awarded, by the Institution, and of the gold, watch presented by the Emperor of Germany, after the rescue of the crew and passengers of the " Elder."
JAMES COTTON, Coxswain of Brighstone Boat, 80 years member of the Boat. Been afloat 29 times to save life. Received the vote on vellum and medal from the Institution, and gold watch from the Emperor of Germany.
ROBERT BUOEETT, 2nd Coxswain of Brighstone Boat, 20 years member of the Boat Been 27 times afloat to save life.
ROBEBT SALTER, Bowman of Brighstone Boat. Been afloat 25 times to save life.
FBANE BUOEETT, 16 years a member of the Brighstone Boat. Been afloat 15 times to save life.
DAVID COTTON, .. 1 Coxswain of Atherfield Boat from the beginning, formerly member of the Brighstone Boat, 12 times afloat to save life. Received vote on vellum and medal from Institution. _ , ^
WnJJAM COTTON, Coxswain of Atherfleld Boat, formerly in Brighstone Boat. Been afloat about 80 times to save life. Received vote on vellum and medal from the Institution and pold watch from Emperor of Germany.® . -
HENJ AMIA JACOBS, present Coxswain of Brook Boat, has served for JO years.
JOHN COOEE, Second Coxswain of Brook Boat, has served for 14 years.
JOHN NEWBURY, Bowman of Brook Boat has served for 12 years.
WimAM JAOOBS has served for six years.
WALTER WHITE, member Atherfleld Boat, revionsly s rved in the Brighstone Brat has been afloat 12 times to save life.' _____
Nearly all the above served in the rescue ol the Eider," and all took pert in the fatal service rendered to the " Slrema," when the two coxpwains of the Brighstone boat and one of the coxswains of the Brook boat were lost.
The "Worcester Cadet" Lifeboat in the proceesion was the boat manned by the Brigh-stone crew on both these occasions.
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