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Gives more light than usual and less heat. Free from smell. Safe with the most sensitive Alms, and with slight precautions can be used with isochromatic plates (the inventor using no other). The light falls on the work and not on the eyes. The glass not being ruby, there is ample light for reading formulas, &c. White light is available in an instant. No chimneys to be broken or cleaned. Burns a hard candle. No trimming required. The lamp is telescopic, and can be used at varying heights. For Readings, for Lantern Entertainments, it is the best lamp used. Nicely made as it is, and well nickelled, it will not disfigure any room. PRICE, 17/6; postage and box, 1/-
CANDLES for same 1/6 per lb,, or 3-lbs. for 4/-
A DAMP DETECTOR, for Bedding, &c.
This capital little instrument will show in a few seconds . the slightest amount of damp in bedding or clothing. It would be found most useful for travelling. • To set it, merely turn the hand to O, immediately before using then place it amongst thejbed-ding or elsewhere. If dampness is present, the hand works round to the right — or to the left for dryness. It should be used out of the case. Has had a very large sale.
Postage, 3d.
Self Fixing Buttons. For Gaiters—as illustration—4HILL & SON, 4, Hayraarket, London, S.W.
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