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Castle, and the Harbour is buoyed in accordance with the uniform system of Buoyage of the United Kingdom, viz. : Red Conical Buoys on the starboard hand on entering, and black and white Chequered Can Buoys on the port hand.
Mooring Buoys are laid down in the Harbour Board in the River Itchen for Vessels of heavy draught to discharge cargoes for Chapel or Northam, also in the River Test, off Marchwood, for vessels with cargoes for Eling or Redbridge.
Three gas illuminated Buoys are laid down in the Solent at the entrance of the Harbour, and another in the Harbour itself.
A Time Signal is maintained on the South Castle, the position of which is Lai. 50° 53'39" N. ; Long. 1° 24' 5" West. The Signal is a Ball dropped by Electricity from Greenwich, and is made once daily, with the exception of Sundays and Bank Holidays. The ball is hoisted about five minutes before signal and dropped at Ih. 0m. 0s. Greenwich Mean Time.
Harbour Dues.
Payable to the Harbour Board by all ships or vessels coming into or going out
of the Port.
Tonnage Dues—Id. per reg. ton. Colliers and Coasting Vessels are allowed to compound their Tonnage Dues at 1'- per ton per annum.
Boomage—Vessels under 50 tons, 1/6 ; under 100 tons, 2/6; above 100 tons, 5/-Harbour Lights—Vessels under 100 tons free : under 500 tons 1/- f under 1,000 tons, 2/'- ; under 2,000 tons, 3/-; above 2,000 5/-
For Rates and charges, apply to Mr. Walter Bowyer, Town Quay, Southampton.
Local Sea Fisheries Committee.
Deputy-Chairman of Sub-Committee— Mr. G. J. Tilling.
Clerk—Mr. A. H. Skelton.
Local Inspector of Sea Fisheries—Mr. Walter Bowyer.
By an order of the Board of Trade, the Harbour Board are appointed as the Local Fisheries Committee for the Southampton District, under the provisions of the Sea Fisheries Regulation Acts 1888 to 1891, and they make Bye-Laws for regulating Sea Fishing in Southampton Water, in the River Hamble, up to Bursledon Bridge, the River Itchen up to Woodmill, the River Test to Red-bridge Causeway, and the Eling River to Eling Causeway.
From a line drawn from Lepe Buoy to Lepe Point to Southampton, Hamble, or Bursledon, 17-feet and under, 1/6 per foot; 17-feet to 20-feet, 2/6 ; above 20-feetS/6.
From Lepe Buoy to Lee Point to Eling, Redbridge, Northam, or Chapel, 1/-per foot extra. If a vessel inward bound be not boarded until E.N.E. of Calshot Castle, only one-third of rate.
From Southampton to Sea, 17-feet and under 6/- per foot; 17-feet to 20-feet 7/- ; above 20-feet, 9/-
Removing in Southampton Water, from Southampton to Redbridge, Eling, Northam, or Chapel, and vice versa, 1/- per foot; to Hamble, Bursledon, Lepe, or Beaulieu, and vice versa, 1/6; proportionate for any intermediate distance. The above rates are subject to a reduction of one-fourth in respect of steam vessels and vessels towed up.
Pilots retained on Board while at Anchor, 7/6 per day.
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