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Foreign and Colonial Parcel Post.
For weight, and Rates of Postage, see Post Office Guide.
Dimensions.—The dimensions allowed are :—For Egypt—Greatest length, 3-ft. 6-in. Greatest length and girth combined, 6-ft.
For Countries of the Continent of Europe (not including Constantinople):— Not exceeding 2-ft in any direction.
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Canada)—Greatest length, 3-ft. 6-in. Greatest length and girth combined, (i-ft.
For Jamaica—Greatest length, 2-ft. Greatest girth, 4-ft.
For Canada—Greatest length, 2-ft. Greatest depth or width, 1-ft.
Prepayment.—The Postage must in all cases be paid in advance, and by means of Postage Stamps, which must be affixed by the sender, and no parcel will be accepted for transmission which is not sufficiently prepaid.
Certificates of Posting;.—A certificate of posting may be obtained if desired, by the person posting a parcel.
Customs Declaration.—Parcels will be liable to Customs duties and regulations, and the sender of each parcel will be required to make a Customs declaration, furnishing (upon a special form provided for the purpose, which can be obtained at any Post Office), an accurate statement of the contents and value, the date of postage, and the sender's signature and place of abode. In the case of parcels for the Continent of Europe, the sender will also be required to enter thereon the net weight of the contents of the parcel. The declaration form should, if possible, be filled up in both English and French. Cusoms duties will be collected on delivery. In addition to Customs duties a charge of Is. per parcel is levied at the Cape of Good Hope on all incoming parcels for stamp duty, clearance, &c.
Forbidden Articles.—No Parcel containing dangerous articles, perishable articles, articles likely to injure other parcels, liquids (unless securely packed in proper cases), or any contraband article or substance, will be accepted for transmission. A parcel must not contain another parcel, or a letter, or other postal packet, intended for delivery to a person other than the address of the first-named parcel.
The transmission of any letter whatever, no matter to whom addressed, in parcels for the Continent of Europe, the Cape of Good Hope, Egypt, and Jamaica, is strictly forbidden.
Parcels for Ascension, the Cape of Good Hope, Egypt, India, and St. Helena, must not exceed £50 in value, nor may Ostrich Feathers or Bullion be enclosed in parcels for Ascension, the Cape, or St. Helena.
Re-direction and return of Parcels.—Parcels arriving in this country and re-directed from one address to another in the United Kingdom, will be treated and surcharged under the regulations which govern the treatment and surcharge of re-directed parcels by the Inland Parcel Post.
If a parcel cannot be delivered as addressed, or is refused, the sender, if address be given on the parcel, will be communicated with by the Post Office as to the manner in which the parcel shall be disposed of.
If returned or re-directed from one country to another, the parcel will be charged a full rate of postage.
Undelivered Parcels.—Parcels which cannot be delivered will be kept for a reasonable time before being finally disposed of.
Parcels not to be handed to Rural Postmen.—Parcels addressed to places abroad must not be handed to a Rural Postman, but must be taken to a PostOfRce.
Packing of Parcels.—Parcels should be securely and substantially packed and closed by the sender, and in some cases seals are necessary. If wax is used, it should be of the special quality which resists the heat of a hot climate.
General.—Where not contrary to the foregoing rules, the general regulations of the Inland Parcel Post will apply. No parcel can be insured for a sum exceeding £50.
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