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Telegraphic Address-"BATES, SOUTHAMPTON."
Bates's New and Improved Trusses
0F various descriptions, to suit ail classes ; the Celluloid, India Rubber, Excelsior, Improved Moc-Main, Hard Rubber, Hodge's, Improved S. & O.'s, Coles, Champion &c. A Carefully applied Truss, accurately fitted, should at all times be comfortable, and the cure of Rupture can never be effected unless the Truss, worn gives an adequate and equable pressure, neither too hard and tight as to the chafe and break down the abdominal Hernia ring, nor so weak and imperfect as to allow the slightest escape therefrom. The Physical peculiarities of individuals, as well as their variable occupations, quite precludes the possibility of employing any one make of Truss for the many and totally different forms of Hernia met with. Mr. Bates courts the most difficult cases in the full assurance that his special . experience in surgical Mechanism will enable him to overcome any difficulty that may present itself.
Is your Sight Good ?
TS your Right good ? If not, get Spectacles, or Mr.
Bates's Improved Self-Adjusting Folders, carefully selected so as to compensate for your loss of Sight. Irretrievable mischief is brought about by persons wearing unsuitable or common lenses. No one should wear Spectacles until they have had their sight carefully and scientifically tested. Mr. Bales, 50, Oxford Street, Southampton, supplies all kinds of Spectacles at half the usual price.
W. BATES & CO,, Belt and Trass Makers.
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