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We doubt not through the ages One increasing purpose runs, And the thoughts of men are widened With the progress of the sun*.
(IE have to look back so far, and on so much that has happened in the municipal, commercial, and social life of this Town during the year, that in this retrospect we need a strong light to penetrate the mists behind us. It is well known that light travels in straight lines,—So does truth, and similarly, in order to tell our readers what may be seen, our retrospect must go straight to the point. Our general view of the year 1896 in Southampton is that of a period of steady progress. There has been progress in all aspects of the town's life; progress in municipal affairs, progress in commercial affairs, and progress in social affairs ; not progress by leaps and bounds, but a steady progress, the progress of the tortoise rather than that of the hare. The retrospect must necessarily be brief, but if it were imperative' that it should be summed up in two short words, those words should be " steady progress."
There are many readers of this retrospect who have met with only a moderate amount of success during the year in their commercial, business, and other occupations in this town, who will, no doubt, agree that progress has been slow. There have been no fortunes made in Southampton during the
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