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Publications of the S. P. G. K.
Books suitable for Presentation, &c.—continued.
3s. 6d. each (continued).
Under the Dog Star. A Tale of the Borders. By Austin Claee. One Step Astray. By Austin Claee.
The Cruise of the " Esmeralda." By Haeey Collingwood.
Eick Saltan's Reconciliation. By the Bev. E. N. Hoaee.
The Two Clippers. By F. Frankfort Mooee.
James Godfrey's Wife. By Mrs. Henry Claeke, M.A.
A Chapter on Birds. Rare British "Visitors. By B. Bowdlee
Sharpe, LL.D., F.L.S. With 18 Beautifully Coloured Plates. By Lantern-Light. A Tale of the Cornish Coast. By Austin Claee. The Fairhope Venture : An Emigration Story. By Edward N. Hoaee, M.A.
From the Bush to the Breakers. By F. Frankfort Moore.
Jennifer's Fortune. By Mrs. Henry Clarke, M.A.
Sailing and Sealing. By F. Feankfort Moore.
Another Man's Burden. A Tale of Love and Duty. By Austin Clare.
Coral and Cocoa-nut. The Cruise of the Yacht " Firefly " to Samoa.
By F. Frankfoet Moore.
In Scorn of Consequence ; or, My Brother's Keeper. By Theodora Corrie.
Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms : What to Eat and What to Avoid.
By M. C. Cooke, M.A., LL.D. With 18 Coloured Plates.
Three Martyrs of the Nineteenth Century. Studies from the Lives of Livingstone, Gordon, and Patteson. By the late Mrs. Bundle Chaeles.
A Local Lion. The Story of a False Estimate. By Austin Clare. Sketches of the Women of Christendom. By the late Mrs. Bundle
Charles. .....
The Good Ship " Barbara." By the late S. W. Sadler, B.N.
How to make Common Things. For Boys. By John A. Bowee.
Copiously Illustrated.
Joan the Maid : Deliverer of England and France. By the late Mrs.
Bundle Chaeles.
Attila and his Conquerors. A Story of the Days of St. Patrick and St. Leo the Great. By the late Mrs. Bundle Chaeles.
3s. each.
The King's Stirrup. By Elizabeth H. Mitchell. John Mail lard. By Mrs. Newman.
Farmer Goldsworthy's Will. By Mrs. Isla Sitwell. Miss Bright's Guardian. By Alice F. Jackson. What came Between. By Mrs. Newman.
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