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Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.
ByG. ByG.
Books suitable for Presentation, do.—continued.
5s. each (continued).
Eminent Christian Workers of the Nineteenth Century.
Babnett Smith.
Noble Womanhood. A Seiies of Biographical Sketches.
Babnett Smith.
Wellington ; or, The Public and Private Life of Arthur, First Duke
of Wellington. By G. LA THOU BliOWSE. With Portrait, &c. The Natural History of the Bible. By the Bev. Canon Teistbam. Toilers in the Sea. By M. 0. Cooke, M.A., LL.D.
Wayside Sketches. By Professor Hulhe, F.L.S., F.S.A,
China. By Professor Bobeet K. Douglas.
Some Heroes of Travel. By the late W. H. Davenpobt-Adams. In the Lesuto. A Sketch of African Mission Life. By the Bev.
Canon Widdicombe.
Evenings at the Microscope. By the late P. H. Gosse, F.R.S. A New Edition, revised by Professor F. Jeffbey Bell, M.A. BY G. MANVILLE FENN.
Crown and Sceptre. A West Country Story.
Gil the Gunner; or, The Youngest Officer in the East.
Mass' George ; or, A Boy's Adventures in the Old Savannahs.
Planter Jack; or, The Cinnamon Garden.
Sail Ho! or, A Boy at Sea.
The Vast Abyss. Being the Story of Tom Blount, his Uncles, and his
Cousin Sam.
To the West.
4s. each.
Patriarchal Palestine. By the Rev. Professor A. H. Sayce.
Pictorial Architecture of the British Isles. By the Bev. H. II. BISHOP. Perils of the Deep. By the Bev. E. N. Hoaee, M.A.
Scripture Manners and Customs.
Bible Places ; or, The Topography of the Holy Land. By the Bev.
Canon Tbistbam, D.D., LL.D., F.B.S.
Romance of Low Life amongst Plants. Facts and Phenomena of Cryptogamic Vegetation. By M. C. Cooke, M.A., LL.D., A.L.S.
3s. 6d. each.
From that Lone Ark. By the Rev. E. N. Hoaee.
His Choice—and Hers. By E. Eveeett-Geeen and H. Louisa Bedfoed.
Roscorla Farm. By Mrs. Heney Claeke, M.A.
The Pirate Slaver. A Story .of the West African Coast. By Eabey Collingwood.
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