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Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge.
Crown 8vo, half cloth, 3S. 6d, each.; or the series of 18 vols, in a case, 48s.
Volume I. contains—Melchior's Dream, and other Tales, &c.
Volume II. contains—Mrs. Overtheway's Eemembrances-; Ida ; MrS; Moss ; The Snoring G-host ; Beka Dom ; and Kerguelen's Land.
Volume III. contains—Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales, &c.
Volume IV. contains—A Flat Iron for a Farthing. -
Volume V. contains—The Brownies ; The Land of Lost Toys ; Three Christmas Trees ; An Idyll of the Wood ; Christmas Crackers ; Amelia and the Dwarfs.
Volume VI. contains—Six to Sixteen. A Story for Girls,
Volume VII. contains—Lob Lie-by-the-Fire, and other Talcs.
Volume VIII. contains— Jan of the Windmill.
Volume IX. contains—Verses for Children, and Songs for Music.
Volume X. contains—The Peace Egg ; A Christmas Mumming Play ; Hints for Private Theatricals ; Snapdragons Old Father Christmas, &c.
Volume XI. contains—A Great Emergency, and other Tales, &c. Volume XII. contains—Brothers of Pity, and other Tales of Beasts and Men, &c.
Volume XIII.. contains—We and the World, a Book for Boys. Part I.
Volume XIV. contains—We and the World. Part II.
Volume XV. contains—Jackanapes ; Daddy Darwin's Dovecot ; The Story of a Short LirE.
Volume XVI. contains—Mary's Meadoav, and other Tales of Fields and Flowers.
Volum e XVII. contains-of the Bloody Hand
-Miscellanea, including The Mystery &c.
Volume XVIII. contains—Juliana .Horatia Ewing and her Books, with a selection from Mrs. swing's Letters.
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