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Is. 6d. Crown 8vo. 160 pages. 3 Woodcuts.
A Thankful Heart. By Lady Dtjnbotne.
Behind the Bow-Window. By K. M. Eitz-Geeald.
His Level Best. By F. B. Foeestee.
" Whispering Tongues." By Phcebe Allen,
Flower and Thorn. By 0. E. Mallandaine.
Ruth Davenant. By the Rev. W. J. Bettison.
Is. Grown 8vo. 128 pages. 1 Woodcut.
Grandmother Gwen. By the Author of "Earth's Many Voices."
No. 11 Chesterton Street. A Story for Mothers' Meetings.
By E. Jameson.
A Mystery at King's Grant. By A. E. D.
World's Gain. By Helen Shipton.
Aunt Dorothy's Tea-Tahle. By 0. M. MacSorley.
A Colt from the Heather. By Cheistabel R. Coleeidge. Peter the Peacemaker. By E. A. T.
Is. The Quiet Hour Series. 128 pages. Cloth. About the Feathered Folk. By Ceona Temple.
Kir sty's Prince. A Story of Holyrood. By Ceona Temple.
9d. Small post 8vo. 96 pages. 1 Woodcut. Chilbury Folk. By 0. E. M.
6d. Small post 8vo. 80 pages. 1 Woodcut. A Great Forgiveness; or, The Story of Gladys. By M. A.M. The Fortunes of the Fairlies. By Lucy Haedy.
2d. Royal 16mo. 32 pages. 1 Woodcut. A Little Girl's Adventure, and Bobby. By H. Mary Wilson. The Little Joneses, and Amantha Ann. By H. Mary Wilson.
Possie's Joy-Bells. By B. E. Slade.
Id. Royal 16mo. 16 pages. 1 Woodcut. A Please One-self Bay. By Faith Ciijlteen.
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