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Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. 8 NEW PUBLICATIONS—continued.
Annual Volumes.
The Child's Pictorial. Paper boards, 2s. Cloth boards, 2s. 6i. The Dawn of Day. Cloth, boards, 4to., Is.; 8vo., Is. 6d.
Grown 8vo. 576 pages. 5 Woodcuts.
Jack at Sea; or, All Work and no Play made him a dull Boy. By gr. MaNVILLE Fenn.
3s. 6d. Grown 8vo. 884 pages. 4 Woodcuts. Jack Beresford's Yarn. An Ocean Romance. By Harry
Matthew Parkyn. By Mrs. Henry Clarke.
• 38. Grown 8vo. 320 pages. 4 Woodcuts. A Little Lass and Lad, By Sarah Tytler.
The Temptation of Ernest Ellerby. By P. Lethbridge Farmer.
2s. 6d. Grown 8vo. 256 pages. 3 Woodcuts.
An Ill-matched Pair. The Story of a Marriage of Convenience. By Austin Cls-RE.
Ballinvalley; or, A Hundred Years Ago. By G. B. Wynne.
Friendly Joey and other Stories. By Mrs. Molesworth. With coloured Illustrations. Small 4to.
2s. Grown 8vo. 224 pages. 3 Woodcuts.
A Harbour Light. By C. E. Mallandaine.
Emma's Marriage. By F. E. B.eabe.
Miss Chilcott's Legacy. ■ By H. Looisa Bedford.
Punch, Judy and Toby. By M. Bramston.
Poor Little Mother. By Eleanor C. Price.
Smith's Weakness. A Simple Tale of an Uphill Fight. By G-. Manvtlle Fenn.
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