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Every Friday, price Id.
The Illustrated Weekly Journal for Mechanics.
A Guinea's Worth for a Penny.
SiR,— I have taken WORK from the first, and not a Week passes Without my finding something in it to my advantage. Although my business is one quite free from mechanical tools, yet, by the assistance of WORK, the use of such tools has become part and parcel of my daily labour. We hear of "encyclopaedias of useful in. formation " which cost pounds, but here is one which, though it cost only a penny, is worth a guinea a number.
SCHOOL TEACHER, Newcastle on-Tyne.
A Penny a Week buys an Independent Living.
SiR,—WORK has been to me a true and useful instructor, and it is a real pleasure to me to take it home every week. I would rather give up any other paper than WORK. It is the grandest paper for I he industrious that was ever printed. No industrious man need be out of work while he can purchase for a penny a week an independent living. I am very %)roud to be a WORK reader, and have a living and a trade which cost me a penny a week.' p. E. E. Le Gallais.
WORK is also published. Monthly, price 6d.
{From "Work.",
The Practical Journal for all engaged in the Building Trades.
Every Friday, price Id.
Building World.
"Building World is remarkably well written; the illustrations are well executed, all the items are first-class, and the only wonder is that such a paper can be given to the public for a penny. It is crammed full of information, and is fully illustrated."—Sun.
Sir,—Seeing the combination that exists throughout Building World of the theoretical and practical part of everything solely and specially relating to the building trades, one cannot fail to recognise and fully appreciate the inestimable value of the paper itself as a uacle meeum or "Inquire Within" to everyone engaged or connected with the subject.—H. E. Lang.
V Also published Monthly, price 6d.
CASSELL & COMPANY, Limited, Ludgatc Hill, London ; and all Booksellers.
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