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JVEW POPULAR WORK. In Monthly Parts, price 6d
Cassell's Family Lawyer, gcA0„BptST"Xi'5p„K
. , .................................... ............... *** A Wall Sheet of concise legal
information, entitled Legal Flash-Lights," which will be found valuable for everyday use, is presented with Part i.
Companion World to "The Queen's London." Monthly, price Gd.
Pictorial England and Wales, 32 pages of iw
tiful Pictures prepared from
"TT , -— 1 ■ " — Copyright Photographs. The
Work will contain upwards of 320 Exquisite Illustrations, and will be completed in Eleven Parts.
^ CHEAP ISSUE, in Monthly Parts, price (id., of
Casselfs Dore Gallery. Containing Two Hundred and Fifty of
£ the Finest Drawings of G i/stave Dor t - With Descriptive Letterpress. (To k
CHEAP ISSUE, in Monthly Parts, price 6d.
Electricity in the Service of Man. EditedhyR. w0R.
— MELL, D.Sc., M.A.;
by Prof. John Perry, M E., F.R.S. With nearly 850 IllMtratiS^'fTo be completed in 10 Parts.) ^
The Story of Africa and its Explorers ?,y Dr Robert
■ ■ — 1 -Brown, assisted
African Travellers, with numerous Original Illustrations. ^T(f bTcoin-pleted in 20 Parts.)
{without Increase of Price)
The Magazine
commencing with the Issue for
NOVEMBER, 1896 {price Is. 4d.\
forming the FIRST PART of a NEW VOLUME.
CASSELL & COMPANY, Limitep, Ludgatc
"The best diaries in existence."
Xettg'g Diaries
for 1897.
The Original and Unrivalled Editions are published exclusively by CASSELL & Company, and issued at prices ranging from 4d. to 14s.
Cottage Gardening.
Edited by W. Robinson, F.L.S.
Weekly, |d. ; Monthly, 3d.
"We Imow of no similar publication that equals this, either In lowness of price or in variety of information."—Gwam&aw.
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