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NOTICE.—The following important Improvements have been arranged for the NEW VOLUME of
The Quiver,
Commencing with the Nouember Part, price 6d.
1. Permanent Enlargement. Each Part of The Quiver will in future contain an extra sheet of 16 pages, commencing with the NOVEMBER ISSUE.
2. A New Paper has been adopted, remarkable for its brightness.
3. New Type, legible and elegant, has been specially selected for the forthcoming Volume.
4. A Beautiful Presentation
r 0
id Picture is issued with the NO-VEMBER PART.
B. Improvements in Pro-
j!j dUCtlOn will be effected, and
^ the quiver will in future be
A issued with Cut Edges instead of
0 uncut as hitherto.
G. New Privilege for
Headers, Subscribers will have the opportunity

"*peggy yike you, uncle andrew.'"
The Yearly Volume of " The Quiver"
contains nearly One Thousand Pages. Fully Illustrated, price ?s. 6d. CASSELL & COMPANY, limited, a// Ibatf.
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