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1.—Gold Demonstration by " Goldites," at New York, in favour of the candidature of Mr. McKinley for the Presidency of the United States.
3.—Commencement of the polling in the United States, the candidates -being Mr. McKinley, Goldite and Republican, and Mr. Bryan, Silverite and Popocrat. The Cobden Bridge at Portswood was formally handed over to the Corporation of Southampton.
4.—The result of the Presidential Election, as far as known by telegraph, forecasted an overwhelming majority for Mr. McKinley.
6.—Lady Liberals " At Home "—a pleasant evening at the Philharmonic Hall. Owing to defects in her machinery the American liner New York was delayed in her Westward voyage.
7.—Mr. Greene, the new British agent in the Transvaal, leaves Southampton en route to resume his duties at Pretoria.
9.—County Council Meeting at Southampton—a Municipal Millenium— election of Mayor, Sheriffs and Bailiffs. Commencement of a United Temperance Mission at Southampton. Board of Guardians' Meeting at.Squthampton:— the question of Mr. Black man's vote—a brief but animated meeting.
10.—Bye-election at Bradford—Capt. Hon. F. Greville fC), elected by a majority of 395 over Mr. Billson (L), and Mr. Kier Hardie (Lab.) The drivers in the employ of the Southampton Corporation came out on strike owing to an extra half-hour per day being added to their hours of labour.
14.—Motor carriages being no longer classed as traction engines, a trip .was made from London to Brighton by numerous carriages and motor cycles.
15.—234th Anniversary of Above Bar Congregational Church.
16.—Hants County Council Quarterly Meeting at Winchester.
17.—Fire at Messrs. W. Mitchell & Co.'s Stores in East Street.
18.-Debate at the Gladstone Liberal Club on "TheAlleged mismanagement of our local bodies'"
19.—Southampton Wanderers' Cycling Club Annual Dinner. Hants Winter Assizes at Winchester.
20.—Edward J. Ivory, alias Bell, of New York, was committed for trial at Bow Street on charges of conspiracy and abetting offences, under the Explosives' Act. 1883.
22.—The Mayor and Corporation of Southampton attended service at St. Mary's Church.
23,—Trial of Lady Scott (Russell) commenced at Old Bailey. Frederick the Great, the new North German Lloyd steamer sailed from Southampton for Australia.
In the forty-second annual report of the Postmaster-General the year ending March 3ist, 1896, it is estimated that during that year the number of postal packets delivered in the United Kingdom was:—Letters, 1,834.200,000; postcards, 314.500 000: book packets, circulars, and samples, 672,300.000; newspapers, 149,000,000 ; parcels, 60,527.000. This makes a total of 3 010,527.000 postal packets in one year, or an average of 77 to each person. There is an increase under every head, except newspapers, where the decrease is very slight.
The express delivery service, which came into operation in 1891, shows an increase o( 33 per cent, during the past year, the number of express services having been 363,971. The number of returned packets dealt with were as followsLetters, 6,331.086; postcards, 1,016,005; book packets, 9,538,097; newspapers, 707.004; patterns and samples 62,769 ; parcels, 146,407. The report says : The value of property found in letters which were opened in'the Returned Letter Office exceeded £580.000, and, in addition to these, many registered letters having the name and the address of the sender outside were returned unopened. The letters posted without any address were 31,879, of which 2,133 contained property to the value of £3,860. The number of parcels found in the post without address was 6,462.
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