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24.—Southampton Art Society's 11th Annual Exhibition.—The Armenian A'trobifites : Indignation Meeting at Southampton; Mr. Gladstone inveighed against the." Great Assassin who sits on the Throne of Turkey." and attempted to rouse the country, and the Government to independent ;and isolated, action on behalf of the Armenians.—Sir Frederick Perkins entertain his employes at dinner in the Victoria Rooms, Southampton, in commemoration of the Queen's long reign.
30.—Palace of Varieties at Aberdeen destroyed by fire, several lives lost, and many people injured.
2.—Fatal explosion at a Powder Magazine at Buluwayo, many people killed.
3.—The Emperor and Empress of Russia left Balmoral, for Portsmouth, en route for Cherbourg; their Hignesses left Portsmouth under Naval Escort, and were met in mid-Channel by a French Fleet which conducted them to Cherbourg.—First Excursion Train from Southampton to London run by the Didcot Line.
5.—Presentation to Mr. W. Fernie at the South-Western Hotel, Southampton.—A Deputation from Germany, with the City Surveyor, visits Southampton to inspect the Refuse Destructor.
6.—Terrible fire at Guayaquil, Ecuador, causing damage estimated at £600,000.
7.—Disastrous gales and floods on the British Coast.—Pound-day at the Eye and Ear Hospital, Southampton.
8.—Lord Rosebery resigned the Leadership of the Liberal Party.—Accident to the American Liner Paris, 353 miles from New York.
9.—Great Review of the French Army by the Emperor of Russia at Chalons. —Presentation to Mr. Farquhar, M.I.N.A., by the employes of Messrs. Day and Summers, Northam Iron Works.—Confirmation of the License granted for the Royal Pier.
10.—The New Isolation Hospital: The Times says, " The plans sent in for competition for premiums offered by the Corporation of Southampton were so numerous that there being insufficient room at the Audit House to display them, premises had to be obtained for the purpose.
11.—Sudden death at Hawarden Church, when on a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone, of Dr. Benson, Archbishop of Canterbury.
12.—Considerable interest aroused by the announcement that a Chinaman, Sun Yat Sen. had been arrested in London, and confined in the Chinese Legation, subsequently, on application to Lord Salisbury, he was released.
15.—The French Government having decided that insufficient evidence was forthcoming to implicate Tynan in a dynamite conspiracy at the present time, and further that the offences of 1882 were covered by prescription, ordered his release from Boulogne Goal.
16.—Funeral of the late Archbishop Benson at Canterbury Cathedral, being the first primate to be interred there since the Reformation.
18.—Arrival of the American Liner Paris, and is assisted into dock by 3 tugs.
19.—Third anniversary and dinner of the Loyal Princess May Lodge of Oddfellows at Southampton.
21.—Trafalgar Day was celebrated on the initiative of the Navy League by a handsome decoration of the Nelson Monument in Trafalgar Square, London — Appointment of Visiting Justices under the Lunacy Act at the Borough Police Court, Southampton.
23.—Opening of the Harcourt Liberal and Radical Club new premises and dinner at Freemantle.
26.—Li Hung Chang appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs by the Emperor of China, this being the mark of an extraordinary revolution in the conduct of affairs in the Chinese Empire.
31.—Mr. Chamberlain was elected Rector of Glasgow University by a majority over his opponent, Mr. Birrell, Q.C.
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