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27.—The usurping Sultan Sidi Bargash, having refused to obey the ultimatum sent by Admiral Rawson, the commander of the African squadroi, was bombarded in the Palace of Zanzibar, and fled for refuge in the German Consulate, whence he was subsequently taken by a German warship to the mainland. Suicide of a Southampton tradesman, who was found hanging in his shop.
28.—Release of Dr. Gallagher, one of the dynamite convicts. Cricket: Hampshire v. Leicestershire, at Portsmouth. Hampshire won by six wicket.
31.—Heavy storm at Southampton, roof of the Philharmonic Hall damaged.
1.—Unveiling of a Memorial to the late Rev. H. H. Carlisle, at Above Bar Chapel, Southampton.—Holy Trinity Cottagers' Exhibition at Southampton.
8.—The Hon. Conrad Dillon and Mrs. Clare White, Organizing Secretaries of the Army Temperance Association were, at Aldershot, fined 6d. each for riding bicycles without lights.
4.—Motor Car Exhibition at Westwood Park.—Death of Captain T. A. Bevis, late Superintendent of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company.—Southampton Borough Bench: Mary Anderson charged with assaulting Victoria Payne, on August 31; Mr. Perkins and Alderman Payne at variance, case adjourned.
6.—The which had carried the Jackson-Harmsworth Polar
Expedition, arrived in the Thames.—The American Liner Parts sailed to-day with nearly 1,000 passengers, the greatest number carrried during the season by any of this Company's steamers.—The new Castle Liner Drnzt/dgawCasMg made her first voyage to the Cape from Southampton.
6.—Major Watts, acting on his own initiative, tried the Chief M'Roni by court-martial, and had him shot, when condemned.—Anniversary services at Wesleyan Chapel, East Street, Southampton.
7.—Rowing Match for JE250 a-side and the Sculling Championship of the World between James Stansbury, of New South Wales, and Jacob Gaudaur, of Canada, the latter winning by twenty lengths.—James Turner, Patrick McFarlane, aud William Jackson, charged at Southampton Police Court with highway robbery and violence on the Western Shore.—Southampton Grammar School, after an " adventurous career," make a new start, the opening ceremony inaugurated by Sir Barrington Simeon, M.P.—Departure ot the Australian Cricketers from Southampton in the American Company's Liner FoyA.
9.—Rev. J. H. Perkins laid the memorial stone of the new Congregational Church at Bitterne.—Dr. Nansen arrived at Christiania, amid much rejoicing, and was received by King Oscar.
11.—The new Hamburg-American Liner PgwwsyZuawia, of 80,000 tons displacement and 20,000 tons carrying capacity, 685 feet long, 62 feet beam, and 42 feet deep, successfully launched at Belfast.
14—Tynan, No. 1," oi the Phoenix Park Murder, was arrested at Boulogne, his colleagues, Kearney and Haines, being arrested at Rotterdam, and Bell at Glasgow.
16.—The Associated Chamber of Commerce visits Southampton : Luncheon on the Royal Pier; Our National Defence: Lord Charles Beresford makes an important speech; the Mayor's Ball at the Hartley.
16.—Associated Chamber of Commerce: The Royal Mail and Union Companies entertains the Association at Luncheon on the R.M.S. and Scod. The South-Western Railway Co.'s Banquet at the Drill Hall, St. Mary's Road. Meetings of the British Association at Liverpool began.—Mr. Tom Mann was prevented from instigating a strike among the seamen and dock labourers at Hamburg, and required to leave the port.
19.—Revising Barrister (Mr. Radcliffe) at Southampton: A caution to Overseers ; Mr. Gray Aned ^10 through a claimant's lalse signature.
21.—Southampton Parliamentary Debating Society: The Speaker's "At Home."—William Clements arrested lor an attempt towrecka Portsmouth train
22.—Death oi Capt. J. Sampson, the genial skipper of the yacht JfuWo/ 6fowor.
28.- Ihis date marks the longest reign in the history of country; no oARcial
celebrations were held.
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