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22. —Marriage of Princess, Maud of Wales and Prince Charles of Denmark at, Buckingham Palace.
23.—Total loss of the German Gunboat Stilis off the coast of China, the whole crew going down with three cheers for the Emperor on their tongue. Race for the Liverpool Cup: Canterbury Pilgrim, 1; Paris III., 2; Spook, 3.
24.—Death of the Earl of Macclesfield.
25.—Lieutenant Thompson, of the Queen's Edinburgh, wins the Queen's Prize at Bisley. Explosion at Pain's Firework Factory, Mitcham.
27.—Great Fire at the Shipbuilding Yards of Harland and Wolff, and Messrs. Workman, Clark, and Company, Beliast.
28. —Dr. Jameson sentenced to 15 months' imprisonment—Sir John Willoughby to 10 months'—Major Robert White, seven months'—Colonel Grey, Colonel H. White, and Major Coventry, to five months' each, all without hard labour.
29.—Death of Mr. Edwin Jones, J.P. Great fire at Iltracombe—jtl00,0j0 damage done.
31.—Distribution of Prizes by Lord Wolseley at Netley Hospital. Terrible accident on Pennsylvania Railway—over fifty persons killed, and many injured.

1.—Fatality at the Southampton Public Baths—Mr. W. Obree while bathing was seized with a fit, and drowned.
2.—Arrival 01 Li Hung Chang at Southampton.
8.—G:eai failure at Chicago U.S.A., of Moore Brothers. Commencement of Cowes Regatta. Railway accident at Preston, one killed and several injured.
4.—Cowes Regatta — the Queen's Cup finishing times were — Meteor, 4h. 4dm. 64s.; Britannia, 4h. 4dm. 9s. Inspection of the British Fleet at Spithead by the Queen. Explosion at the Dinas Main Colliery, near Meath.
5.—The Queen received Li Hung Chung m audience at Osborne. Action for loss of Bullion—Colonial Bank u. the Royal Mail bteam Packet Company, was heard in the Queen's Bench Division.
7.—Li Hung Cnung entertained at dinner by the China Association, at the Hotel Metropole.
8.—Li Hung Chung commemorated his friendship with General Gordon, by placing a wreath on the statue in Trafalgar square.
*10 —Isle ol Wight Co.'s shareholders' Excursion—the new boat Dwc&ass q/ /orA at their disposal.
12.—Southampton County Council Meeting^the recent Are in St. Mary Street—the Committee appointed to make enquiry as to the water, presented their report, which was adopted.
15.—The iTiwzgs says: "Chiei Constable Berry has .received a letter couched in high terms of praise respecting the Police Band at Southampton, and congratulate Mr. Berry on his having such a superior set of men under his control.
18.—Fatal accident at southsea, Baron vonZedlwitz killed on his yacht by the bowsprit ol the German Emperor's yacht Afedgor.
19.—Fatal railway accident near Millbrook.
20.—The Mayor (M. Emanuel, J.P.), officially visits the American training ship d/Ziamcg, and the American man-of-war MiwweapoZw.
22.—Major Coventry, one of the "Jameson raiders," released from Holloway Gaol owing to failure of his health. Li Hung Chung leaves (wia Southampton) by the American liner Sf. Lowta for U.S.A.
24.—Cricket: Hampshire w. Essex—Hampshire 296 ; Essex 183. Bombardment of Zanzibar by British Fleet.
25.—Death of the Sultan Hamid bin Thwain, of Zanzibar, and seizure of the Palace of Sidi Barjash, in opposition to the advice of the British representative at Zanzibar. Trade Mark Prosecution at Southampton, C. W. Bryer, baker, i/. Hovis Flour.
26.—Mr. William Conynghame Green appointed British Agent in the Transvaal Republic in place of Sir Jacobus de Wet, who resigned in consequence of the Jameson incident.
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