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24.—Celebration of the Liberal Victory at Southampton—an "At Home" and Conversazione at the Victoria Hall. Expeditious shipment—The Red Cross liner Ffwazwawa arrived at Southampton Docks at 7 a.m. shipped a steam launch 60 feet long and weighing over 25 tons, and proceded on heir voyage in less than three hours!
27.—Free Labour Associations' Annual Meeting at Victoria Rooms, Southampton: St. Luke's Bazaar opened, and Ave following days.
28.—Launch of the Isle of Wight Co.'s new tug
29.—Launch of the new steam yacht -Lafoma from Messrs. Day and Summer's yard.
80.—The Transvaal Government published certain cypher telegrams in connection with the Jameson raid which caused a great stir throughout Europe and South Africa.

1.—Southampton Parliamentary Debating Societies' Annual Dinner. Assassination of Nasir-ed-Din, K.G., the Shah of Persia.
2.—Building Trade Strike—Mass meeting at Southampton. One thousandth Anniversary of the Kingdom of Hungary celebrated by the opening of a Millenial Exhibition at Buda-Pesth.
i.—Disastrous fire at Highfield.
5.—Daring robbery at the Crown Hotel—smart capture by the Southampton Police. Fancy Fair at Freemantle in aid of the parochial funds. Alfred Gale committed suicide in Melbourne Street, Southampton. Sudden death of Colonel North.
6.—The American liner Si. Paul's record voyage from New York to Southampton.
7.—Arrival of the American warship Minneapolis at Southampton.
8.—Government Educational Bill—opposition meeting at Southampton.
9.—The rebel Matabele defeated by the British colonial forces at Gevelo.
10.—Hospital Sunday at Southampton.
12.—Rotterdam Lloyd steamer Soembirig collided with the outer dock wall at Southampton Docks and sustained serious damages.
13.—Southampton Borough Council Meeting—resignation of Mr. I. Russell accepted ; he is succeeded by his son Mr. J. A. Russell.
14.—Mrs. Longshore Potts, M.D. lectured at the Prince of Wales Theatre. Childrens' Exhibition at the Skating Rink. Board of Guardians' Meeting— Dr. O'Meara and the Chairman at variance. Royal South Hants Infirmary Extension scheme—Meeting at the Hartley Hall—general promises of support.
15. Death of Mr. W. S. Bailies, editor of Leeds Mercury.
18.—Camp fire on the Southampton Common. The Mayor of Southampton meets with an accident whilst paying a visit to the U.S.A. warship Essex.
19.—Southampton Harbour Board—cyclists' and the pier tolls—the toll of threepence on and off asked to be considered—rather high tariff.
21. Trial of Fowler and Milsom for the Muswell Hill Murder—both sentenced to death.
22.—The Antelope Cricket Ground—sale by public auction of plots for building purposes. Trial of Mrs. Dyer for the murder of two children-sentenced to death.
23.—Fatal accident to Mr. Alfred Rogers, of St. Mary Street.
26.—Subsidence of the cover of the eastern sewage tank on the platform, several tons of masonry, &c. fell into the tank. Coronation of the Czar and Czarina of Russia at the Kremlin, Moscow. Mr. Rhodes resigned his position as director of the British South Africa Company.
27.—Great cyclone, wrecking the city of St. Louis, U.S.A.—terrible loss of life.
28.—Launch of the Isle of Wight Co.'s new steamer Duchess of York.
29.—A Parliamentary Committee of Enquiry into the Jameson affair, nominated by the Speaker of the Cape Assembly.
30.—Fatal accident at the Docks. Terrible disaster at Moscow, nearly 200 persons crushed to death in a scramble for gifts of food after the Coronation Festivities. ... . .......
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