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®&cemGer, 1895.
4.—Arrived of the King of the Belgians at Windsor. Election for Dublin University: Lecky, 1,757 ; Wright, 1,011. Annual Meeting of the Hants County Cricket Club. Opening of the Free Eye and Ear Hospital new building, Wilton House. Queen's Cricket Club Annual Dinner. Jubilee Dinner at Court King William Rufus, A.O.F.
5.—Annual Meeting of the Missions to Seamen at Southampton. Wanderers' Cycling Club Annual Dinner.
6.—Close of the hearing of the Southampton Election Petition—Mr. Tankerville Chamberlayne unseated.
9.—Two seamen drowned in the Docks.
11.—Colliery Accident at the Corgo Colliery, Dungannon, County Tyrone—six lives lost. Collision between the liner Germanic, and the SZ. CMwzfwag— the latter sank. Anniversary of Court Chamberlayne, A.O.F., at Eastleigh. Presentation to the Rev. W. G. and Mrs. Thompson at Lyndhurst. Local Government inquiry at Southampton re the borrowing of 12,000 for public improvements.
12.—Laying the Corner Stone of a new Bible Christian Chapel at Portswood, by the Mayor. Opening of the Southampton Winter Exhibition. Opening of a new Public Reading-room at Northam.
18.—South of England Millers' Association Annual Dinner at Southampton. Death of Mr. E. Roberts, of Hanover Buildings.
17. —Accident on board the Union liner ScoM; two men injured. Shirley, Millbrook, and Freemantle Horticultural Society's Annual Meeting. Performance of " The Messiah " at the Philharmonic Hall.
18.—Meeting yg-proposed Hampshire Cricket League.
19.—LichAeld Electiom Petition—Mr. Fulford unseated. Southampton Model Yacht Club Annual Meeting.
20.—Fatal accident on board the American liner Sf. PawZ, at New York, Ave men killed and six injured.
22.—The American liner BgxZtw in collision in the channel. The Spree Boated from Warden Lodge in the Solent, on which she grounded oh the previous Thursday.
28.—M. Sergius Stephniak cut to pieces on the North and South Western Junction Railway, at Chiswick.
24.—Death of Sir Edward Harland, M.P., for Belfast. Capsizing of the Kingstown lifeboat; fifteen lives lost. Explosion on H.M.S. .RgpwZsg at Chatham.
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