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JANUARY 1.—Holiday on Stock Exchange.—Bank holiday in Scotland.— Dog and other licenses renewable. 5.—Dividends are due on Consuls. 9.—Fire Insurances must be paid. 13.—Last day for sending in Bankers' Returns. 31.—Last day for owners of property to claim votes for Guardians ; also for Coroners' Returns for previous year.
FEBRUARY 1.—Pheasant and partridge shooting ends. 2.—Candlemas Day.— Quarter Day in Scotland. 8.—Half-Quarter Day. 12.—Scotch general salmon fishing begins. 14,—St. Valentine's Day. 15.—Last day for objecting to owners' votes for election on Board of Guardians. 29.—Hare hunting ends.
MARCH 1.—Day for election of Auditors of Boroughs. 16.—Last day for publishing notices of election of Poor Law Guardians, and first day of sending in nominations to Clerk. 25.—Quarter-Day.—Overseers to be nominated within eight days, and Guardians within fourteen days. 27.—Last day for sending in nominations for Guardians. 81.—End of local financial year in counties.
APRIL.—In the first week common lodging-houses must be whitewashed.
4.—Returns of assessed taxes are made this day ; notice of any decrease
or alteration should be given. 5.—Quarter Sessions begin. 9.—Fire Insurances must be paid.
MAY 1.—Scotch bank holiday.—Holiday at Transfer Office, Bank of England. 2.—Local authorities in counties and boroughs to make return to Secretary of State of copy of any order relating to Ballot Act. 9.—Half-quarter Day.
JUNE 1.—Overseers to give notice between this day and 20th to voters who have not paid poor rates due on January 5th. 20.—Overseers to fix on church-doors the register of persons qualified to vote for counties, fto remain for two Sundays ; new claims to be sent in in case of change.
24.—Midsummer Day.
JULY 5.—Dividends due as in January. 9.—Fire insurances expire. 11.—Glasgow Fair Week. 20.—Poor rates due January 5th must be paid on or before this day by all electors of cities or boroughs, or they will beVdisqualified from voting.—Last day for County electors to send in their claims. 21.—Overseers to make out a list of the names of persons whose January poor rates remained unpaid on the 20th, such list to be open for perusal for 14 days.
AUGUST 1.—Borough and County Lists affixed to church doors for fourteen days.—Claims of lodgers in towns to be sent in between this day and the 25th. 20.—Last day for service of objections on Electors in counties.
25.—On or before this day persons entitled to vote as ratepayers, but whose names have been omitted, must send in their claims.—Last day for service of objections on electors in boroughs.
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