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C. Burt
Alfred Giles. C.E...
1895. July 16th. T. Chamberlayne Sir J. Harrington Simeon Sir F. H. Evans H. G. Wilson, J.P.
J. R. Macdonald
On petition Mr. Chamberlayne lost
1896, February 22nd. (his seat. Sir F. H. Evans .. L 5555
G. Candy......C 5522
C. A. Gibson .. .. SD 274
1816. April.
Alfred Giles, C.E.....C 5023
Adral. Sir J. E. Commerell C 4726 John H. Cooksey .. .. L 4384 J. C. McCoan .. L 4029
On Adml. Commerell being appointed in command at Portsmouth.
1888, May.
F. H. Evans .. .. L 5151 Arthur Guest .. .. C 4266
1892, July 6th.
T. Chamberlayne.. .. C 5449 F. H. Evans .. .. L 5182 C, Conservative ; L, Liberal; IL, Independent Labour ; SD, Social-Democrat. The figures denote the number of Votes polled at each Election.
4924 4734
5924 5390 5181 4178 867
Fairs in the County of Hants, 1897.
ABBREVIATIONS.— M Monday, T Tuesday, W Wednesday, Th Thursday, F Friday, S Saturday, Su Sunday.
Jan. January, Feb. Fabruary, Mar. March, Apt. April, Ju June, Jy, July, Aug. August, Sept. September, Oct. October, Nov. November, Dec. December.
Bast. Easter. Xvias, Christmas.
b butter, c cattle, ch cheese, c/olcloth, cy cherry, ft flannel, gen general, gr grain, gt mt great market, h horse, har hardware, hi hiring, la lamb, lea leather, p pigs ped pedlery, pi pleasure, sh sheep, stk stock, w wool.
Alresford—Thurs. Last Th in Jy c sh
la, Th aft Oct 11.
Alton—Tues. S bef May 1, Jy 11,
Sep 29, alternate T c mt. Andover—Sat. Last F in Ju w, Oct 6 c h ch, Nov 17 c hi, Nov 18 sh hops Appleshaw—Oct 3, Nov 4 c Basingstoke—Wed. and Sat. Jy 13,
Oct 11 hi Beaulieu—Tues. A pi 15, Sept 4 Bishopstoke—Cattle mkts 3rd Th in
every month c sh p Bishop's Waltham—Fri. 2nd F in
May h, Jy 30 F aft Oct 11 h Blackwater—Nov 8 c h Botley—T bef Shrove T, T bef Whit
M, Jy 23, T bef Aug 24. Nov 13 Brading—May 12, Oct 2 Christchuroh—Mon. Trin Th, Oct 17 c Cowes—Tues. Thurs. &Sat. Whit Th East Meon—Sept 19 Fareham—Alt Mon. Ju 30 Giles Hill—Sept 12 ch h Gosport— Tues, Thurs, and Sat. May
4, Oct 10 pi Hartley Row—Dec 4 c Havant—Alt Tues. Ju 22 toys. Jy 17,
Oct 17 c hops alt T gt mt Heckfleld—East F
Kingclere—Tues. 1st T in Apl pi, T
alt Oct 11 hi Liphook—1st W in Mar, Jy 11 ped
Lymington—Sat. May 12 and 13, Oct
2 and 3 c ch h sh, &c. Lyndhurst—Aug 9. Ponies Newport—Sat. Whit M Odiham—Tues. Mid-Lent S Overton—Mon. Jy 18 c sh Petersfield—Wed. Cattle Mkt alternate W, 2nd W in Jy h, Oct 6 c h sh, Dec 12 c sh Ringwood—Wed. 2nd W in Jy c corn
h, 2nd W in Dec c h sh Romsey—Thurs. East Teh sh, Aug
26, Nov 8 c h sh p Rowland Castle—May 12, Nov 12 Ryde— Tues. Jy 5 pi Southampton—Wed. Trin M c h sh Stockbridge—Thurs. Jy 10 sh Titchfield—Mon. Mar 9,1st S in Dec Weyhill—2nd Th in Apl, last F in Jy c sh, Oct 10 and 5 following days c h sh hops p Wherwell—Sept 24 c sh Whitchurch—Fri. 3rd Th in Ju, Oct
19 and 20 c Wickham—May 20 c Wilton—May 4, Sept 12, Nov 13 Winchester—Wed and Sat. Last S in Feb c seed Mar 1 ch sh p seed, Oct 23 and 24 c h ch p sh Woodbury Hill—Sept 21 c sh Yarmouth—Fri. Jy 25 pi Yarnborough Castle—Oct 4 c
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