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Southampton and South Hants Liberal Club.
President—The Right Hon. Sir William Harcourt, M.P. Vice-Presidents—Sir Francis Evans, M.P., Sir S. Montagu, M.P., J. C. Burbage, Esq., J.P., Jas. Lemon, Esq., J.P., M. Batchelor, Esq., C.C., C. Hutchens, Esq., C.C., Dr. W. P. O'Meara, M.D., and J. A. Billett, Esq.
General Committee—Messrs. -W. J. Atkins, G. H. Bishop, J. Batson, A. J. Cheverton, H. C. Dove, C. Freeman, G. M. Grimstead, W. H. Hayes, W. H. Lock. A. M. Miller, A. Muir, C. W. Phippard, G. Portbury, F. Witcher, and H. B. Wren.
Secretary—Mr F. H. West.
Southampton Gladstone Working Men's Liberal and Radical Club.
20, Dorset Street, Newtown.
Established 1888. Registered under the Friendly Societies' Act,'_1875. Affiliated to the Club and Institute Union.
President—Dr. Aldridge, J.P. Treasurer—Mr. H. J. Willis, 12, Onslow Road. Steward—Mr. F. Bovlett.
Secretary—Mr. J. B. Court, 12, Peterborough Road.
Assistant Secretary—Mr. C. Lane, 17, Valley Road.
Committee of Management—Messrs. Purkis, F. Dowden, T. Hoban, G. Cawte, W. H. Palmer, R. Knights, H. Hoskins, R. Batterden, A. Donovan, G. Bott] C. Lane, H. Chester, R. Cheetham, Morey, Allen, Kersting, T. Sheldon, R. Rawson, and P. Dyer,
Political Council—Messrs. T. Hoban, P. Dyer, W. H. Palmer, F. Dowden, H. Chester, W. Purkiss, R. Cheetham, A. Donovan, L. N. Allen, and F. Green. Trustees—J. Lemon, Esq., J.P., C.E., and J. Warren, Esq.
In connection with the above Club, there is a Reading Room with a good stock of books and a regular supply of daily papers, all the illustrated weekly papers, periodicals, &c. Billiards, pool, pyramids, and bagatelle. There is also Sick Benefit and Co-operative Clubs available to all members.
Southampton Parliamentary Debating Society.
Speaker—J. R. Smith, Esq., J.P.
Chairman of Committees—Mr. J, F. Montgomery.
Clerk of the House—Mr. E. Montgomery.
Executive—Messrs. J. Lumby, A. C. Hallet, F. J. Montgomery, A. C. Howard, Edgar Eady, C. E. Martin, F. J. Smith, W. Garwood, J. W. Haysom, T. Hoban, E. Moon, and F. Mayes.
Unionist Leader—Edgar Eady, Esq.
Liberal ,, —A. C. Hallet, Esq.
Hon. Treasurer—F. Blake.
Hon. Secretary—Patrick Tracy, " Winterbourne," College Place.
The House meets every Thursday Evening during the Session, at 8.15, in the Shaftesbury Hall, Ogle Street.
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