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so ended the smuggling and parole-breaking at Beckton Bunny, with all its petty shifts and contrivances, and miserable haggling for large sums of money with helpless foreigners. The smuggling fraternity were by no means above suspicion. Many a fugitive was first made to drink freely of smuggled brandy or hollands, and was then handed over to some British cruizer or patrol for the sake of an offered reward.
Much more could be said on this and kindred topics, but allotted space and thg reader's patience are alike exhausted. I have tried to describe some of the smuggling done in our county in years gone by. Smuggling still goes on, but under other phases, and in a different garb. " But that" as Rudyard Kipling says " is another story."
G. N. Godwin.
School of Science Art.
philharmonic hall, technical class, marland place.
—The Worshipful the Mayor of Southampton, Alex. Paris, A. Morris, C. Cox, D. Law. T. A. Skelton, J.P., J. P. Hine, J.P., H. Masters, Major G. Brinton, R. C. Leslie, R. C. Chipperneld, J.P., W. B. Hill, D. Douglas, H. M. Gilbert. J.P., W. H. Davis, J.P., A. de Smidt, Lt. Clayton Leslie, R.N., and Rev. S. Lidbetter, M.A.
#0%. Sgcrg&wy—Mr. R. Mc Fadden. How. rygaswygy—Mr. T. Walton. Zfgad Mosfgr—Mr. S. C. Seaward, Certificated Art Master. Xssisfawds—Mr. L. C. Alford, Certificated Art Master, and Mr. H. Boniface.
MacAiwg Dfawiwg, BwiZdiMg Cowsfywcfiow, awd C/assicaZ ArcAt/gcfMfg— The course of instruction includes—Oil and Water Colour Painting, Landscape, Figure, Flowers from copies and from nature, China and Tapestry, Painting, Freehand, Model, Geometrical, and Perspective Drawing, Design, Modelling, and Wood Carving.
South Hants Waterworks Company.
Incorporated 1876.
Registered Office—Guildhall Chambers, Southampton. Office—Millbrook, near the Railway Station.
Chairman—W. E. Darwin, Esq., J.P.
Directors—A. H. Smee, J. C. Amos, R. S. Hankinson, Esqrs., and T. W. Trend, Esq., J.P., M.D.
Secretary—Mr. J. J. Burnett, 2, High Street, Southampton. Manager—Mr. G. Greenslade. Inspector—Mr. J. Rose.
Collectors—Messrs. W. Pearce, and W. Fowler.
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