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1869—Sandown, Masonic Hall, Sandown, i.W. ; 3rd Thur. ex., July, Aug., and Sep. Installation W.M., Feb.—5880.
1883—William of (Wykeham, Masonic Hall, Winchester; 2nd Tues. Oct. to Dec., and Feb. to Apr. Installation W.M., Dec.—5880.
1884—Chine, Masonic Hall, Shanklin, I.W.; last Thur. ex. July, Aug.. and Sept. Installation W.M., Jan.—5880.
1903—Prince EdwardJ of Saxe-Weimar, Masonic Hall, Portsmouth ; 3rd
Tues., ex. June, July, and Aug. Installation W.M., Oct.—5881. 1958—St. Grorge's, Masonic Hall, Portsea ; 2nd Wed. Installation YV.M., July—5882.
1971—Aldershot Army and Navy, Masonic Hall, Aldershot; 4th Thurs.
Installation W.M., Oct.—5882.
1990—Hampshire Emulation, Masonic Hall, Landport; 2nd Sat., Jan., Feb.,
Apr., May, Oct., and Nov. Installation W.M., May—5883. 2416—Shalden, Assembly Rooms, Alton; 2nd Thurs. Installation W.M., Dec.—5883.
2068—Portsmouth Temperance, Speedwell Hotel, Portsmouth ; 4th Mon. Installation W.M., Feb.—5882.
-St. Clair, Masonic Hall, Landport; 3rd Mon. Installation W.M., April—5884.
-Hope, India'^Arms*Hotel, Gosport; 3rd Wed., ex. June, July, and Aug. Installation W.M., Mav—5886.
2158—Boscombe, Masonic Rooms, Hengistbourne Club, Boscombe, Bournemouth ; 3rd Thurs., ex. July, Aug. and Sep. Installation W.M., June—
2169—Osborne, Masonic Hall, East jCowes, I.W. ; 1st Thurs.. ex. July and
Aug. Installation W.M., Nov.—5886.
2203—Farnborough and North Camp, Assembly Rooms, Station, Farn-
borough ; 3rd Wed. Installation W.M., Jan.—5887.
2208—Horsa, Masonic Hall, Bournemouth; 3rd Mon. Installation W.M., Oct.—5887.
2475—Border, White Hart Hotel, Blackwater; 3rd Wed., ex. July and Aug. Installation W.M., Oct.—5893.
Lodges of Instruction—Craft.
130—Royal Gloucester, Masonic Hall, Southampton ; 2nd and 4th Mon. Sept. to April. W.M. elected monthly.
2074—St. Clair, Masonic Hall, Landport. No meetings have been hoden for many months.
ROYAL ARCH—Provincial Grand Chapter.
M.E. Compn. W. W. B. Beach
M.E. Compn. J. E. Le Feuvre, 394 (P.G.S.B. Eng.)
Prov. Grand Z. Prov. Grand H.
M.E.C Dr. W. R. Thomas,
195......3rd P.
Edgar Goble, 309 S.E. M. Emanuel, 130 S.N. R. Boughton Smith 394 Trea. L. Steele, 394 Reg.
Col. J. Mead, 723 P.S. T. W. Haydon, 309 1st A.S. W. F. Westeman,
1776 ' .. 2nd A.S. W. Jenvey, 359 Swd. Br.
M.E.C. F. Trueman, 175 Std. Br. H. Crisp, 903 Std. Br.
J. L. Snell, 487 Std. Br. D. Williams, 195 D.C.
J. Hewitson, 342 A.D.C. G. Boyce, 2068 A.D.C. J. Wickens, 2074 A.D.C. Dr. S. Corbett, 195 Org. G. F. Lancaster, 342 A.S.E. J. Exell, 487 Jan.
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