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175—East Medina, Masonic Hall, Ryde, I.vv. ; 3rd Wed. October to May. Installation W.M., Jan.—5813.
195—Hengist, Masonic Hall, Bournemouth; 1st Thurs. Installation W.M., Jan.—5770.
'257—Phcenix, 110, High Street, Portsmouth; 4th Wed. Jan. to May, and Sep. to Nov., and two St. John's days. Installation W.M., Dec.—5786.
309—Harmony, 31, West Street, Fareham ; 1st Thurs. Oct. to June. Installation W.M., May—5796.
319—New Forest, Bugle Hotel, Lymington; 2nd Tues. Installation W.M., Sept.—5799.
342—Royal Sussex, Masonic Hall, Landport; 3rd Wed. Installation W.M., Jan.—5814.
359—Peace and Harmony, Masonic Hall, Southampton ; 3rd Mon. Installation W.M., Jan.—5819-
394—Southampton, Masonic Hall, Southampton; 3rd Thurs. Sep. to April, Installation W.M., Feb.—5829.
487—Portsmouth, Masonic Hall, Portsmouth; 2nd Thurs. ex. June, July, and Aug. Installation, W.M., Mar.—5843.
551—Yarborough, Masonic Hall, Ventnor, I.W. ; 3rd Tues. Sep. to May.
Installation W.M., Feb.—5848.
694—Oakley, Masonic Hall, Basingstoke ; 1st Mon. Feb. to May, Oct. and Dec. Installation W.M., May—5857.
698—Ryde, Masonic Hall, Ryde, I.W.; 1st Fri. Oct. to May, ex Jan. Installation W.M., Nov.—5857.
723—Panmure, Masonic Hall, Aldershot; 2nd Tues. ex. July and Aug. installation W.M., Feb.—5857.
785—Twelve Brothers, Masonic Hall, Southampton; 4th Wed. Oct. to April. Installation W.M., Oct.—5859-79.
804—Carnarvon, Masonic Hall, Havant, 1st Tues. ex. Aug. Installation W.M., July—5859.
903—Gosport, India Arms Hotel, Gosport; 2nd Tues. ex. July and Aug. Installation W.M., Jan.—5861.
928—Friendship, Masonic Hall, Petersfield ; 1st Mon. ex. Aug. and Sep. Installation W.M., Feb.—5862.
1069—United Brothers, Masonic Hall, Portsmouth ; 2nd Mon. Oct. to May, Installation W.M., Nov.—5865.
1112—Shirley, Masonic Hall, Southampton ; 2nd Wed. Sep. to May. Installation W.M., Jan.—5866.
1331—Aldershot Camp, Masonic Hall, Aldershot; 2nd Wed. Installation W.M., Jan. -5870.
1373—st. Hubert, Masonic Hall, Andover ; 2nd Tues. ex. April, Aug., Sep., and Oct. Installation W.M., May—5872.
1428—United Service, Masonic Hall, Landport; 2nd Friday. Installation W.M., Oct.—5873.
1461—Clausentum, Masonic Hall, Woolston : 1st Wed. Installation W.M., Dec.—5873.
1705—Prince of Wales, India Arms Hotel, Gosport; 4th Thurs. Sep. to June. Installation W.M., Oct.—5879.
1776—Landport, Masonic Hall, Landport ; 3rd. Thurs. Installation W.M., Nov.—5878.
1708—Albert Edward, Masonic Hall, Southampton; 1st Tues. Installation W.M., March—5878.
-Duke of Connaught, Masonic Hall, Landport; 4th Tues. ex. Aug. and Dec. Installation W.M., Jan.—5879.
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