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Hampshire Nurses' Institute.
8, Park Road, Bellevue. Established 1867.
Patron—The Rt. Rev. The Lord Bishop of Winchester. Committee—Dr. Thomas, W. F. G. Spranger, Esq., Dr. Wade, Dr. Collins. Mr. A. Barlow, Dr. Rushworth Keele, W. Ramsay, Esq., J.P., Dr. Maclean, C.B., J. P. Ranwell, Esq., Dr. Trend, J.P., Rev. D. Wauchope, G. Dominy, Esq., J.P., Mrs. E. Jones, Mrs. Maclean, Hon. Mrs. Eliot Yorke, Mrs. Smkins, Mrs. Willan, Mrs. G. S. Turner, Mrs. Willis Fleming, Mrs. T. Ames, Miss D. T. Greenfield, Miss E. A. Turner, Mrs. Langstaff, Mrs. Lidbetter. Chairman—W. F. G. Spranger, Esq. Vice-Chairman—Dr. Trend.
Hon. Treasurer—W. E. Darwin, Esq., J.P. Hon. Secretary—Miss E. A. Turner. Matron—Mrs. Varian.
Hon. Medical Officer—Dr. Rushworth Keele. Hon. Solicitor—F. Beresford Turner, Esq.
Hon. Auditor—R. S. Hankinson, Esq.
Trustees] of House Fund—Dr. Maclean, C.B., W. E. Darwin, Esq., J.P., J. Robins, Esq.
Financial Trustees' Fund—W. Ramsay, Esq., J.P., Dr. Maclean, C.B., vV. F. G. Spranger, Esq.
:..„This Institution provides Trained Nurses—Medical, Monthly, and Surgical— for the sick in private families.
Nurses may be engaged from the Institute on application to the Matron, The usual sum to be paid for the services of a nurse will be £1 5s. per week ; infectious cases, two guineas ; subject to reduction under special circumstances. The charge for Monthly Nurses is six to eight guineas the month ; to subscribers, six guineas.
Mrs. Mary Baker's Charity.
Trustees—The Rector, Churchwardens, and Overseers of St. Mary's Parish, at the death of Mrs. Baker, viz :—the Rev. Canon Wilberforce, A. J. Dyer and John Adams, Overseers ; John Shorter, James Shorter, and T. Shorter, Esqs., Specific Trustees; the Rev. Canon Durst, Messrs. J. E.Adams, and A.' S. Dyer, Jun.
This Charity consists of £2,000 Consols, the dividends to be distributed yearly amongst the poor and industrious parishioners, above 60 years of age, of this parish (including therein the districts of Holy Trinity, St. James, St. Luke, St. Matthew, and Northam) the sums of £1 each.
Clerk to the Trustees—Mr. H. J. Hickman, 7, Albion Place.
Millbrook Parish.
Trustees—The Rev. Canon Blunt, Rev. Studholme Wilson, Rev. T. W. Fair, W. Baker, Alex. Slater, and H. Shaw Smith, Esqrs., and the above Specific Trustee.
A Similar bepuest of £2,000 in favour of the poor and industrious parishioners above 60 years of age.
Southampton Registrar's District.
Office—23, High Street.
Superintendent Registrar—Mr. John A. Hunt, 28, High Street. Deputy ditto—Mr. J. T. Hamilton, 23, High Street.
Registrar of Births and Deaths—Mr. H. G. Whitchurch, 137, High Street. Deputy ditto—Mr. H. H. V. Whitchurch, 137, High Street. Registrar of Marriages—Mr. W. Rowland, 23, High Street.
Deputy ditto—Mr. E. W. Chaplin, 19, Waterloo Place.
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