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Royal South Hants Infirmary.
Established 1838.
Patron—Rt. Hon. and Rt. Rev. Lord Bishop of Winchester.
President—Rt. Hon.'Lord Montagu of Beaulieu.________
There are Eight Senior" . Medical'Officers of the Institution ^ actually doing duty andthe'Surgeon Extraordinary.
Treasurer— R. C. Hankinson, Esq.
Physicians—J. L. Thomas, Esq., M.D., and T. W. Trend, Esq., M.D. Surgeon Extraordinary—J. K. Sampson, Esq.
Surgeons—Drs. Sims, Wade,:and Shettle. Assistant Surgeon—Dr. Keele-
Assistant Physician—D. Norman Aldridge. Dentist—W. T. Fellow, Esq. Secretary—T. A. Fisher Hall, Esq. Chaplain—Rev. F. Harvey.
House Surgeon—Dr. Purvis. Matron—Miss Mollett.
Annual Subscriptions are due'in'January each-year, and may be paid to the Treasurer, R. C. Hankinson, Esq., at Grant and Maddison's Union Banking Company, Limited; or to T. A. Fisher Hall, Esq., Secretary.
Southampton Free Eye and Ear Hospital.
Carlton Road. Established 1890.
Vice-Presidents—A. Barlow, Esq., W. Garton, Esq., and Surgeon-General Maclean, C.B., M.D., LL.D.
Trustees—R. S. Hankinson, Esq., W. Ramsay, Esq., and Lieut.-Col. Willan. Ophthalmic Surgeon—J. F. Bullar, M.B., F.R.C.S.
Assistant Surgeon—Walter Hall, M.R.C.S.
Aural Surgeon—Allman Powell, M.D. Hon. Secretaries—Rev. D. Wauchope and J. F. Bullar. The Committee? of Management consists of the Honorary Officers above mentioned, with the following elected Governors, viz., A. S. Lamb, Esq., (Chairman), Mrs. Page, Mrs. Allden, Hon. Mrs. Eliot Yorke, Captain Aitchison, R.N., Lieut.-Col. Farquharson, R.E., Lieut.-Col. E. Perkins, Messrs. G. Dominy, J. H. Higgs, W. Panter, J. V. Miller, and J. Poingdestre.
ffow. SoZictfof—G. S. Turner.
How. rygaaww—George Dominy, Esq., J.P. Afadrow—Miss Monk. This Institution is intended for the treatment of persons suffering from diseases of the Eye, and of the Ear, Throat, and Nose, whose means do not admit of their paying for such^treatment.
No letters of recommendation required. .
F@The Hospital is open to Out-Patients for Eye Cases on Tuesday and Friday ; for Ear and Throat on Monday and Thursday. Names of patients received for treatment on'these days'from 2 to 8 o'clock.
^Visiting hours for friends of Patients—Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, from
2to8p.m. L..uu
A subscriber of one guinea is qualified as a Governor for the year in which his subscription is paid.
Help from the charitably disposed, very much 'needed.
Southampton Municipal Charity Trustees.
J. E. Le Feuvre, Esq., J.P. (Chairman), W. Bone, J.P., J. Miller, J.P., W. B. Randall, J.P., G. Dominy, J.P., J. P. Ranwell, A. Paris, R. Westlake, J.P., E. Bance, D.L., J.P.. C. W. A. Jellicoe, and G. J. Tilling, Esqrs.
Clerk to the Trustees—Mr. W. H. Rowland, 23, High Street.
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