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Scribe, Scribe,
Sanctuary King William Rufus, 2039—Horse and Groom. East Street, Southampton. Scribe, Mr. S. P. Green way. 110 members.
Sanctuary Winchester Castle, 2201—City Arms, High Street, Winchester.
Scribe, Mr. Wm. Gillman. 155. members Sanctuary Alma, 2768—George Hotel. Andover. Scribe, Mr. H. Reeves. 56 members.
Sanctuary Plume of Feathers, 3152—Working Men s Club, Weymouth.
Mr. j. R. T. Rogers. 18 members.
Sanctuary Egerton and Wyndham, 3260—Orderly Room, Salisbury.
Mr. W. R. Jarvis. 25 members.
Sanctuary Rose of Bitteme, 5009—Red Lion, Bitterne. Scribe. Mr. W. H.
Scorey. 21 members.
Sanctuary Sir George Hewitt, 5069—Foresters' Hall, Freemantle. Scribe,
Mr. A. Lay. 68 members.
Sanctuary St. Bernard, 5070—Bridge Tavern, Southampton. Scribe, Mr. VV. F.
Breaker. 28 members.
Sanctuary St. Denys, 6027—Portswood Hotel, Southampton. Scribe, Mr. H. J-
Barnes. 17 members.
District Scribe—Mr. S. P. Greenway, 23, Weymouth Terrace, Western Shore, Southampton.
District Treasurer—Mr. B. C. Bacon, 8, Hewitt's Road, Freemantle. District Trustees—Messrs. J. Cowdery, W. Berry, and G. H. Rose. District Pastor—Mr. W. L. Breaker, Southampton.
District Sub-Pastor—Mr. F. Baker, Salisbury.
District Auditors—Mr. C. Ball, jun., Southampton, and Mr. W. Gillman, Winchester.
Arbitration Committee—Brothers R. H. Heed and C Ball 2039;
Scorey and Dove, 5009; Brothers Cullum and Whitlock, 5,069 Arthur, 5070 ; Brother G. Baker, 602/.
Final Arbitrators—Brother Greenway, 2039 ; Brother Seargent, 2201
J. Moore, 3152; Brother Salisbury, 2768, and Brother K Baker, 3260. The Committee of Management will meet on the first Wednesdays in March,
June, September, and December, in 1897.
The next District Meeting will be held on the fourth Monday in October, 1897, at the Portswood Hotel, St. Denys, Southampton.
Brothers Brother
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The number of Members in the whole of this Order on the 1st of January, 1896 was 751,167, with a capital of £9,011,516.
Hope Lodge—Oddfellows' Hall, St. Mary Street, January 12, and alternate Tuesdays. Sec., Mr. G. H. Morgan. 503 members; capital, £5,978.
Princess Royal Lodge—Oddfellows' Hall, St. Mary Street, January 14, and alternate Mondays. Sec., Mr. A. Harding, 681 members ; capital, 9,846.
Prosperity Lodge— Haymarket Tavern, Strand, January 11, and alternate Mondays. Sec., Mr. R. P. Russell. 433 members; capital, 17,458.
Fidelity Lodge— Oddfellows' Hall, St. Mary Street, January 11, and alternate Mondays. Sec., Mr. J. Harmon. 945 members ; capital, £10,621.
Earl of Haren/ood Lodge—Bedford Hotel, Bedford Place, January 14, and alternate Thursdays. Sec., Mr. T. Walton. 287 members; capital, £2,114.
York Lodge— Horse and Groom, East Street, January 11, and alternate Mondays. Sec., Mr, S. P. Greenway. 325 members ; capital, £3,493.
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