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County Officials.
CkfA q/ feacg CoztwctZ—Mr. Henry Barber, LL.B., The Castle,
Winchester. Telegrams—" Barber Castle, Winchester."
C/erA 0/ CoWinchester.
CofwZy Swyt/dyor—Mr. J. Robinson, C.E., The Castle, Winchester. FyAwwey—Mr. G. E. Yonge, The Castle Winchester.
Director ZMsdrwcfio?*—Mr. D. T. Cowan, The Castle, Winchester.
CAig/ Cows&zMg—Major St. A. B. Warde, Hants Constabulary, Winchester.
Second Volunteer Battalion, the Hampshire Regl,
Head Quarters, Carlton Place, Southampton. Hon. Colonel—Lieut.-General Sir F. W. J. Fitzwygram, Bart., M.P. Colonel— E. K. Perkins, V.D. Majors—C. H. Candy and K. E. Coles. Captains and Hon. Majors—G. Abraham, V.D., S. Cooksey, and M. Emanuel, J.P. Captains—]. R. P. Sharp, W. P. Elliott, Geo. Capper, J. Perkins, and W. Garton. Lieutenants—E. J. Elliott, B. Smee, K. Page, J. L. Rainier, and R. Bell. Adjutant—Captain W. I-I. Trethewey, 1st Battalion Hants Regt. Quartermaster—G. E. M. Ruffell. Surgeon-Major—R. T. Csesar.—A, B. Wade, M.B. Acting Chaplain—Rev. S. Lidbetter, M.A.
This Battalion forms part of the Hampshire Territorial Regiment, and has an establishment of 800 men.
Southampton Endowed Schools.
KING EDWARD VI. GRAMMAR SCHOOL, WlIGT MARLANDS, AND TAUNTON'S TRADE SCHOOL (organised Science School under the Department of Science and Art), NEW ROAD.
C/drA fo Goi/w;zor&—Mr. J. G. A. Hatherley, 8, Portland Street. Gougrwors—R. Chipperheld, Esq., J.P., Chairman; the Worshipful the
Mayor; W. B. Randall, J.P., E. K. Perkins, W. E. Darwin, J.P., C. Cox, J. K. Le Feuvre, J.P., M. Emanuel, J.P., W. A. Lomer, J.P., J. R. Smith, J.P., J. T. Hamilton, T. Morgan, J.P., H. M. Gilbert, E. Gayton, and J. J. Carter, Esqrs., and the Very Rev. Canon Scannell, D.D.
These Schools having considerable endowments, and benefiting under the lx)cal Taxation Act, 1890, the fees are much below those of other Schools of a similar grade.
The New Grammar School was opened on the Hth September, 1WU6, and occupies a site overlooking the Marlands, will be admirably adapted to modern requirements.
Application should be made at commencement of Terms, and at Half-Terms, to the Head Masters—
Mr. ]. Kewings, B.A., B.Sc., Grammar School.
Mr. S. J. Gubb, B.A., Taunton's Trade School.
The Governors have greatly enlarged the School premises and Workshops for technical purposes, in connection with Taunton's Trade School. The usefulness of this School, which is an organized Science School under the Department of Science and Art is much increased thereby.
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